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Dental Treatment Brought Closer To You

    Enamel. General and Cosmetic Dentistry provides oral care to patients around Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Huntington beach using various innovative and advanced techniques and technology. Dr. Kabaklian, one of the founders, and his team of specialists at the medical center offer, among other services, oral sedation in Newport Beach. The goal of the medical practitioners being ensuring careful selection and tailoring of treatments for every patient. The use of high-level skills and technology makes the center’s procedures reliable to patients.

    What is Oral Sedation?

    Oral sedation is the use of an oral sedative, in the form of a pill, taken as per prescription by the patient to make them feel relaxed during clinic visits. The team selects a patient’s dosage depending on the anxiety level of an individual during visits to the clinic. This does make you feel a little calmer. Some patients lack sleep the night before their visits, necessitating the doctor to prescribe an oral sedative to give you enough rest. Enough rest the night before the visit makes you feel better and relaxed.

    Often, oral sedation makes one feel drowsy and may even fall asleep but easily awoken by a light shake. Most patients describe this feeling like a warm, fuzzy dream enhancing their relaxation during their visit. The use of oral sedatives is safe for both adults in children. The medical personnel recommends other activities such as wearing comfortable clothes by patients to enhance their relaxation during visits.

    What other services does Enamel. Dental and Cosmetic Dentistry offer?

    The facility provides the most advanced technology in their treatments, such as ultrasonic scalers, which reduce teeth sensitivity during cleaning using very low radiation X-rays. The dental team incorporates the use of reverse osmosis water and advanced sterilization protocols and machines to enhance sanitization during their treatment procedures. Dr. Kabaklian and his team use their set knowledge and skills in the dental field to offer a variety of dental treatments to their patients. Some of these dental procedures include teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental implants, veneers, bonding, full mouth rehabilitation, dental maintenance, gum contouring, cosmetic dentistry, and tooth-colored enamel restorations.

    How to contact the medical facility?

    The easy accessibility and scheduling appointments, even during late-night hours and weekends, make Enamel. Dental Cosmetic and Dentistry were reliable to their patients. The easy accessibility makes it easy for a patient to incorporate it into their daily schedules without interfering with their day-to-day activities. A patient can directly contact them through phone or book an online appointment. The facility responds as soon as possible, making it reliable even for emergency operations.

    Review about the Center

    The medical center appreciates reviews from their patients on their service administration. To date, they boast good reviews and recommendations, boosting the facility’s image. One can learn more about the services offered at the center from their blogs and check on their gallery to review the results of their treatments.

    Dr. Kabaklian and his team use their broad set of skills and knowledge in dental procedures to offer up-to-standard services. The doctors carefully examine one’s condition before administering any treatment. Patients should seek consultation services first before undergoing any treatment procedure. Enamel Dental and Cosmetic Dentistry provide all these services.