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Diabetes care – It will differ from patient to patient

    Diabetes care involves having a team of health care professionals who can provide exactly what a diabetic individual needs for proper management of their diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects almost every part of an individual’s body and Mellitox can help you to maintain a healthy sugar level.

    Members of your diabetes health care team

    Your diabetic care team should consist of a team of health care professionals that include:

    • Doctors
    • Social workers
    • Dermatologist (skin doctor)
    • Ophthalmologist (eye doctor)
    • Dentist
    • Registered dietitian

    Proper management of your diabetes illness is extremely important if you want to control the disease and live a long and healthy life. This can only be done through good diabetes care. When diabetics achieve this, they can avoid serious diabetes complications that are normally associated with this chronic disease.

    When you are considered a diabetic, diabetes care becomes part of your daily routine for the rest of your life; hence, understanding the requirements for proper diabetic care will make this task a little easier. One way in which diabetics maintain or control their illness, is to learn everything they can about the disease.

    They can accomplish this by working very closely with and listening to their health care team. Their health care team will be more than capable in providing the necessary knowledge needed.

    They can inform them about any new diabetes breakthroughs! that will help in treatment of the disease. This will allow you as a diabetic individual to manage your illness properly.

    As a diabetic, you must be aware of the type of diabetes you have, so that you can receive or administer the correct type of diabetes care. If you have type 1 diabetes, your diabetic care will be somewhat different from someone who has type 2 diabetes. To control diabetes in proper way you can visit Mellitox for Diabetes.

    Another great way a diabetic can carry out proper diabetes care, is to keep all their appointments with their health care team and follow the guidelines that have been laid out for them. By doing so, diabetics can ensure that their treatments are working and if it is not, their health care team can make the necessary treatment change to one that will work. Diabetics individuals should also make sure that they are taking their prescription medications on time as this is also a part of proper diabetes care.

    Because of the adverse effects that diabetes has on the bodies of diabetics, it is extremely important that they eat right. As we know certain foods have some serious effects on the blood glucose of the body. Certain foods can cause a rise in blood glucose which is known medically as hyperglycemia and can be a diabetic’s worst nightmare.

    Therefore a diabetes patient should follow a properly constructed meal plan which will help them maintain proper diabetes care. Diabetics should also learn various ways that they can use that will help them to improve their A1C (a measure of blood glucose), blood pressure, and blood cholesterol.

    The ABCs of good diabetic care

    Proper diabetes care is all about helping you stay healthy so that you could avoid diabetes complications which can prove very serious. One of the main goals of good diabetic care, is learning to control your diabetes ABCs. These include:

    • A1C (a measure of your blood glucose over the last three months)
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol levels

    A diabetes individual can achieve good diabetes management by following the meal plan that was created specifically for them, taking their prescribed medications, and following a regularly scheduled fitness activity program (exercise). It is also recommended that you monitor your blood glucose daily.

    This will ensure that it is always within the required targeted range.

    Consequences of poor diabetes management

    Good diabetes care requires constant monitoring of your diabetes ABCs which will help you avoid serious complications that may occur as a result of you having diabetes. These complications may include conditions such as:

    • Glaucoma
    • Heart disease
    • Kidney disease
    • Amputations
    • Strokes
    • Diabetes coma

    With the help of your diabetes health care team, proper monitoring of your diabetes ABCs will help you keep your required numbers where they need to be. This will also ensure that you maintain good diabetes care.

    For most individuals that are diabetic, the results of your targeted A1C test should be less than 7.

    When it comes to good glucose monitoring, diabetics should make sure that they understand the glucose meter that they are using at the time. The reason for this is that some glucose meters and test strips give blood glucose results as either plasma glucose values or as whole blood glucose values.

    For those diabetic individuals that are using glucose meters that give their read outs as plasma values, you must remember that the resulting values are normally 10 to 15 percent higher than those that you would normally get, if you were using a glucose meter that gave the results in whole blood.

    The targeted results for diabetics that are using the plasma glucose test strips and meters, it is about 90 to 130 before they have a meal and about 110 to 140 at their bedtime. For those diabetes individuals who prefer the whole blood method, your targeted results are between 80 to 120 before you have a meal and between 100 to 140 at your bedtime.

    Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes, should talk with their health care professionals so that they could get the best possible methods for checking their blood glucose because only the best diabetes care will ensure that they stay healthy and avoid serious complications.

    Individuals that have diabetes, have to pay close attention to their blood pressure because if it is too high, this could put a considerable strain on the way they carry out their diabetes care.

    This will make their diabetes care (management) practically impossible. Your blood pressure should be checked with every visit to your doctor and the necessary steps taken right away to lower it, if it is too high. The required blood pressure for individuals with diabetes is under 130/80.

    In order for diabetics to maintain good diabetes care, they have to properly monitor the last of their diabetes ABCs (cholesterol) very closely . If this particular part of the ABCs is neglected for any reason, this could lead to a buildup of plaque (atherosclerosis) which develops as result of high LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the arteries.

    This condition will cause the arteries to become narrow and harden. This condition generally leads to a heart attack if it is not detected and treated in time. Individuals with diabetes, should always have a low LDL cholesterol count. This count should be less than 100.

    Diabetics should have a cholesterol test done at least once a year. Because diabetes complications are so serious, getting the best possible diabetes care is extremely important if a diabetic individual wants to avoid them and live a long and healthy life.

    Steps that can lead to good diabetes care management!

    Maintaining proper diabetes care can be extremely hard for some individuals. However if you want to live a long, healthy, and productive life, there are some necessary steps that you should take to achieve this. These include:

    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Eat foods that are rich in fibers and low in salt and saturated fats
    • Check your Triglycerides level (another form of fat found in the blood)
    • Have regular eye exams so that you can avoid developing eye disease such as glaucoma and cataracts
    • . These eye diseases can cause vision loss if they are not detected and treated. Get a urine test to check for any signs of kidney disease
    • . Visit your dentist regularly so that you will know if you are showing any signs of gum disease


    As you can see, proper diabetic care requires a lot of work and dedication on your part but it is extremely important if you, as a diabetic individual, want to maintain good diabetes management.

    Therefore, visit with your health care team regularly so that they can detect any potential problems early which will allow treatment to begin immediately. Remember diabetes has many serious complications that can be life threatening. The only way to avoid them is through good diabetes care