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Did you know that Dental Implants Lie under Cosmetic Dentistry?

    If you are toothless or you have a missing tooth, consider having dental implants. According to dental specialists, dental implants are considered cosmetic since they are not covered by insurance. There are several types of dental implants that you can undergo depending on the condition of the jawbones. Book an appointment with Dr. Ivis Hernandez to get the best dental care in Houston, TX.

    The best candidates for dental implants

    Studies show that every person with missing teeth can become a dental implant candidate. However, before your doctor considers you a candidate, he or she must take you through a full dental examination. During the examination, your doctor will check for the presence of gum diseases, bacteria, and germs, which can hinder dental implants. Additionally, the healthiness of your jawbone will determine the type of implant to have. According to dental specialists, heavy smokers and people suffering from uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes must see their doctors frequently for oral health evaluation. Additionally, patients who have undergone radiation therapy around their neck or head should also frequently visit their doctors for further oral check-ups.

    Is the dental implant procedure painful?

    Studies show that dental implants are not painful. However, a few patients who have already undergone dental implants say that they had a little discomfort. During the procedure, your doctor performs local anesthesia to give your comfort. The anesthetic medication ensures that you will feel no pain during the placement of artificial roots or metal frames. After treatment, you may feel a little discomfort for a week, and then it will be over. Since you may feel pain after the treatment, your doctor will offer you medication. Below are the advantages of dental implants.

    Advantages of dental implants

    There are many dental advantages associated with dental implants. They include;

    ·   Reshape your face. Dental implants reshape your face since they act like natural teeth. They give your face a nice look, thus improving your appearance.

    ·   Improves self-esteem. When you are toothless, you may feel ashamed to interact with friends. Since artificial teeth act like natural teeth, your self-esteem is restored.

    ·   Enhances your speech. Some words and letters are pronounced correctly when teeth are present. Dental implants restore all your teeth, thus improving your speech.

    ·   Durability. Dental implants can last longer if they are taken care of. According to research, artificial teeth do not get decayed, thus they can serve you for 10 to 15 years or more.

    ·   Improves dieting. Dental implants help you to chew both hard and soft foods. Since you are able to chew everything, you will not suffer malnutrition.

    ·   Improves oral health. When you are toothless, you can suffer jawbone deformation. Once you undergo dental implants, your jawbone is protected from further damage. On the other hand, when gaps are filled with artificial crowns, no teeth shifting can occur.

    Many people have restored their teeth through dental implants. It is essential to have the best doctor who can evaluate your oral problems before confirming you as a candidate for the procedure. Dentists at The Dental Design Studios center are the best you can visit for dental implants. Reach out to them today for all your dental issues.