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Diet tips to avoid dental hitches

    Dental health is very important in our lives. Everyone wants to have white teeth that are free from cavities and gum diseases. Brushing your teeth at least twice in a day can help reduce the risk of tooth cavities and other gum diseases. Most people takes really good care of their teeth by flossing, brushing using fluoride compounds and scraping their tongue yet they are most likely to experience dental problems in their future. Worry not the secret is here. Good dental health is enhanced by the food we eat. It is therefore necessary to maintain a balanced diet so that our teeth and gums remain healthy for a longer time. This will also help you to reduce the frequent visits to your dentist. This article will discuss some teeth friendly goodies that gives a big boost to your oral health. Take time to look at each one of them.

    Just like any other part of your body, your teeth and gums are also important hence there is need to take good care of them through good nutrition. With poor nutrition you are most likely to be affected by bacteria that cause tooth decay and other gum diseases. The following elements are crucial for healthy teeth and gums.

    Foods rich in vitamin D

    We all know that vitamin D is very important for the overall body health. With the help of this mineral, your body is able to absorb calcium better thus leading to building of strong and healthy teeth. The main source of Vitamin D is sunlight.

    Crunchy and firm foods with high water content

    Foods that are crunchy, hard and with high water content are very important for your teeth and gums. This is because when chewing them, you are able to produce more saliva which is a natural mouth neutralizer of bacteria that causes cavities and other gum diseases. In addition, the hard texture of these foods gently cleans and scrubs the teeth surfaces that helps in removing the formation of plaque and food particles. Some of these crunchy foods include apples, carrots, celery, cucumbers among others.

    Foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorus

    These elements are building blocks of the tooth enamel. Some of the acidic foods and beverages that we consume are likely to cause erosion of the enamel hence there is need to restore it. By consuming foods rich in these minerals will help your teeth and gums remain strong and healthy for a longer time. Best sources of calcium is dairy products such as natural cheese, milk, yogurt and sea foods such as tofu, almond among others.

    Best phosphorus sources include fish, red meat, eggs, pumpkin seeds and nuts just a few to mention.

    Antioxidants foods

    Foods that are rich in antioxidants are important for your teeth and gums. Antioxidants are known to fight bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontal disease such as cavities. They also protects the gums and other tissues from bacterial infection and cell damage

    Foods with high content of probiotics

    Your body is comprised of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the best ones found in the body. Studies have shown that probiotic foods help to decrease the formation of plaque between our teeth as well as promoting healthy gums. Some sources of these foods include yogurt, miso, kombucha and other fermented foods.

    Foods that are rich in polyphenols, arginine and anthocyanins

    There are so many elements that might be important for your oral health but these have been leading for quite some time. Polyphenols are known to slower the growth of bacteria that causes plaque formation thus preventing gum disease. Arginine is a very important amino acid that interrupt plaque attachment hence reducing the chances of tooth cavities and disease. The final element is anthocyanins which also prevents plaque and fights against oral cancer

    Best arginine sources include nuts, soy and meat, whereas anthocyanins sources are mostly from grapes, berries, cherries, plums and eggplant. Finally, polyphenols best sources include back and green tea, berries, cocoa and flaxseeds.

    It is always a perfect idea to munch on your favorite foods that are great for your oral health. This helps avoid the risks of getting dental cavities and gum disease. Always ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy by eating a healthy balanced diet!

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