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Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

    Aside from the regular teeth brushing and every other little thing that a person may observe in maintaining a healthy oral cavity, there may be a need for extra care. For example, a person may be dissatisfied with the color or the appearance of his or her teeth. Should that be the case, that person will need to contact a top north scottsdale dentist Arizona for a solution. One should note that while he or she might have an idea of what procedure will be recommended, it is best not to speculate. A person may be seeking where to get dentures but end up needing a completely different procedure. This is because there are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be observed. Some of these procedures include:


    Teeth Whitening 

    It is also referred to as teeth bleaching since it involves bleaching one’s teeth. With time, a person’s teeth may begin to experience discoloration for many reasons. As the name suggests, the procedure helps remove the undesired color. Usually, there is a spectrum of color that a person can choose from. Aside from the personal preference of the patient, a cosmetic dentist may also recommend the color closest to the original color of the patient before it underwent discoloration. There are several products, both natural and unnatural, that are being distributed to help achieve teeth whitening. Although the process has been simplified and it would seem a person can adopt the DIY method, it is always best to visit a cosmetic doctor as he would recommend the method best suited for the patient’s teeth and gum type.

    Dental Veneers

    Dental Veneers are thin materials that are medically fabricated to be placed over a person’s teeth. It’s like placing a transparent foil on an object, but it is more technical and lasting. Dental veneers last for at least four years, depending on the nature of the material. One important thing to note about dental veneers is that it is usually done only by prescription. It is often used in the treatment of fractured or discolored teeth. 


    Dental Implants

    Implants generally are components that are inserted into a part of a person’s body. Dental implants are just like that. They are inserted to help support the different parts of the oral cavity, such as the gum, crowns, and so on. They simply act as an anchor. Most times, getting dental implants becomes an option for individuals with gap teeth, as it can be used to fill up any open space in the gums and any other part of the teeth. When inserted, they are usually connected to the jaw or sometimes the brain. It is a delicate procedure, but it is very effective and quite lasting.

    Dental Crowns

    A dental crown, as the name suggests, is used to cover a tooth or teeth. Dental crowns are usually in the shape of a tooth, and they can be used to fulfill quite a number of purposes. They can be used to help reshape a crooked tooth or even strengthen it. Sometimes, they are inserted as a temporary fix and eventually removed when the desired result has been gotten. Other times, they are cemented permanently to the person’s teeth. Usually, a person gets a dental crown if he or she has a tooth that is dangling and very weak. The crown helps hold it in place. It could also be used as a filling. For instance, if there is a really small space between two teeth, a dental crown on both teeth can help fill the gap.

    Enamel Shaping

    Enamel shaping is simply the shaping of the enamel. It is also commonly referred to as recontouring since it involves contouring the teeth edges. It could either be to sharpen the edges so as to enhance the function of the patient’s teeth or just to adjust the enamel, so it looks really beautiful. It is also used to adjust uneven teeth edges. For instance, a person’s set of teeth may seem disorganized. Shaping the enamel will help adjust the edges, so everything fits together nicely. It is simply the best non-surgical procedure for addressing worn out teeth.

    Even though a person might have suggestions on the procedure that he or she thinks is needed, only a cosmetic dentist can adequately determine the appropriate procedure suitable for a patients’ needs. Due to this, it is always advisable to consult with a reputable cosmetic dentistry clinic so as to get correct recommendations and treatments.