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Different Types Of Dental Procedures

    Different Types Of Dental Procedures

    The most common thing everyone notices on faces is the pristine white teeth. Whether it is the picture on the magazine rack at a grocery store or the new anchors on television, you will always notice their straight as a bench white teeth. We are always on the lookout for the perfect and natural teeth. However, not everyone is blessed with the best set of teeth and this is where we need the help of an experienced dentist. It might take a little commitment on your part, but the look you desire can be achieved with a few regular trips to the dentist and some amount of research.

    The exact treatment that needs to be performed will depend on the present condition of the teeth. There are many problems that can sometimes lead to a toothache and this will call for a dentist. The first thing that any dentist will have to do is to carry out an oral test and get dental x-rays. This is the first step of diagnosis and the dentist will be able to decide what is causing a problem to you. This oral test is where the patient is looked so as to see what the problem is and where is lies. It might sound easy to you but in reality, it is not at all easy. This is why the dentist will insist on taking a set of x-rays which show the picture inside the teeth. Only after this procedure, the dentist will sit with the patient and discuss the type of dental work which needs to be carried out.


    This is a dental work which is carried out at the office of a dentist. It is known as filling and it takes only a few minutes to be carried out. Those who have a cavity on the top of the tooth due to a decay, your dentist will fill that hole with white composite substance or with silver metal which will seal the tooth and will prevent this cavity from expanding. It is a common fix for sensitive or sore tooth.


    A very common dental practice is the crown or the cap. It is basically permanent covering that is glued to the current tooth because the tooth has decayed, broken or chipped. Crowns are very commonly used after a root canal has been carried out in order to strengthen your tooth and before it is put in its place, the dentist will have to grind the existing tooth before placing the crown over it. A crown can be made of metal or porcelain. This can help you to get perfect white teeth. Click here!

    Root Canals

    Another dental procedure which has become very common nowadays is root canal. It is performed if any one of the teeth has been decayed up to the roots. The process of root canal involves drilling through the middle part of the tooth and gaining access inside the roots and to the material inside it. Then all the roots as well as the pulp will be cleaned out and filled with permanent filling. This is be done through the hole that was drilled down. It is advisable to fix a crown on the top part of the tooth in addition to a root canal because the remaining part of the tooth will weaken.


    Extraction is a dental work where the teeth is broken or decayed and the dentist is unable to repair the same. The last option for him is to remove it completely and is can cost much lower than a crown or a root canal. However, a dentist will not carry out this procedure if there are any chances of saving the tooth.


    Braces are created for those who have uneven or crooked teeth. They can help ensure that your teeth are aligned and can give you an excellent makeover. Dr. Phillip DeJesus from DeJesus Dental ( warns that the new DIY braces trend is dangerous because it leads to permanent enamel damage, gum problems, and even tooth loss. It is advisable to consult a dentist before you decide to have braces.

    Cosmetic Dental Procedures

    Those who are keen on a cosmetic dental procedure, you are not alone. There are a number of patients who seek cosmetic treatments so as to improve their self esteem and physical attractiveness. Here are different types of procedures for you to choose from.


    If you have cracked or chipped teeth and you want a long term solution to the same, bonding will give you an improved appearance. In this process, the dentist will prepare your teeth by etching the surface so as to roughen them and then will cover the teeth with a conditioning liquid to help the material stick appropriately. After this, the dentist will apply a resin material which will match the color of the tooth so as to maintain its consistency. The substance will be molded and will be given the shape of a tooth. In order to give the final touch, polish is applied and this procedure will take anywhere between half an hour to one hour.


    This process is very similar to bonding and will make you look pretty with symmetrical teeth. It uses a more permanent material which is stronger and the dentist could use a composite resin or porcelain to create the teeth. A very small part of the enamel will be removed in order to get a proper fit and thin pieces of one of the material mentioned here will be placed on the front side of your teeth. This will create a natural looking smile. Not everyone is suitable for this procedure, hence, contact the dentist before you decide if it is the right procedure for you.

    Teeth whitening

    This is no longer considered as a cosmetic dentistry practice, teeth whitening is at the top when it comes to make quick and effective changes to your smile and appearance. It will boost your confidence and will make your teeth look pearly white. It is the easiest way to a whiter smile but you need to consult the dentist and discuss with them whether this is a good procedure for you or not. There are at home whitening kits available as well as professional services that help brighten your smile.

    Dental implants

    This is a permanent solution and is as close to real teeth as it can get. Those who have missing teeth, this procedure is ideal for you. It is a procedure where the implant is surgically positioned in the jawbone and it acts as an artificial tooth. You need healthy gums for this procedure to succeed. They are easy to maintain and will remain secure in your mouth for a long time to come. Click here to get perfectly white teeth.

    If you are considering getting a dental treatment, the first thing you need to do is look for a professional dentist who will advice you with regard to the same. It is best to not try anything by yourself at home because it could be dangerous and you might not know what to do next. When a professional carries out a procedure, you will be able to ensure that it is done in the right manner and you will find value for money. All of us want beautiful smiles and it is now possible to achieve them with the right dental treatment or cosmetic treatment as per our needs and budget. Always consult a doctor before you go for a cosmetic dental procedure.