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Different Ways Marijuana Is Consumed

    There are different ways of consuming marijuana than simply smoking it in a cigarette. Whether you are using it legally or not, it is important to consider the delivery methods of the same. One of the most common method of consumption is to roll it into cigarettes and smoke it. You can also smoke it using a pipe. The oldest method is, of course, the hookah. However, there are different methods you can use to consume marijuana. is a great website to buy vape and weed related stuff.

    1. Gravity bongs: You can make use of household items like a bucket bong or a waterfall bong to smoke marijuana. They use gravity in order to pull the smoke into the chamber with water or with beer.
    2. Vaping: This is a new method of consumption of marijuana. It is by vaporization. They heat the marijuana up to a point which is slightly below the point of combustion and it can be inhaled in the form of vapor and not as smoke. A lot of users get a better high through this method. It is also small and easy to use.
    3. Dabbing: This is a method which is very similar to vaping. However, it has THC resins that are extracted from the marijuana plant. Kushly-Premium cannabis are available for use in different ways. Incase of dabbing, the bong is heated using a blowtorch and when the resin is placed into the pipe, there will be vapor. It gives a high like no other.
    4. Oral ingestion: There are various pot brownies available for consumption. With the increasing demand of cannabis, there are edibles which are being manufactured and marketed in different states. One can also use the oil extracted from the plant for the purpose of cooking or baking. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, vendors sell cookies, cakes, gummy bears, ice cream, granola bars, cereal and also chewing gums. It can also be added to beverages and is sold in beer, soda and tea.
    5. Sprays: Another method of using marijuana is through the infusion of liquids with THC in order to make sprays that can be used to spray under the tongue. It is used by those who want to avoid the harmful impact of smoke on their body. These sprays are compact and difficult to detect. Some use the sprays in addition to smoking marijuana.


    These are some of the different ways in which marijuana can be consumed. You need not necessarily smoke it but can use it as a spray or in the from or oral ingestion. If you are using it for medical purpose, you will have to seek advice on the dosage and the method of consumption. Tinctures and oils are used for medical concerns and they are easy to apply. The oil is placed on the skin and is absorbed so as to relieve muscle pain and any soreness in the body. Since they do not produce a high, they are used only for a medicinal purpose.