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Do I Have Hearing Loss? 5 Signs You May Need Hearing Aids

    A staggering 48 million — that’s how many people in the US suffer from some form of hearing loss.

    Some people have inborn hearing loss. However, most sufferers developed it due to excessive noise exposure. In fact, over 31 million children and adults have noise-induced permanent hearing loss.

    If you’re having trouble hearing, the first thing that likely popped into your mind is, “Do I have hearing loss?” Depending on the frequency and severity of your hearing issues, it is possible.

    The question now is, how do you tell that you’re losing your ability to hear? If so, would hearing aids be helpful in your case?

    We’ll get all these questions answered below, so be sure to read on!

    1. You Keep Asking People to Repeat Themselves

    Have you found yourself responding frequently with “Say what now” these days? If so, then your ears may not be processing speech sounds and signals correctly. Especially if you keep missing consonant sounds like s, t, f, sh, or th.

    These are sounds of high-pitched level, so they’re usually softer and less audible. If you can’t process these sounds, you may find it hard to understand what others are saying. That’s why you instinctively ask them to repeat themselves.

    2. You Feel Like Everyone Mumbles

    You know they’re talking, it’s just that, they’re doing so in a very soft, almost inaudible way. This means that you can hear but not understand what others are saying. Feeling as if everyone around you mumbles a lot is one of the most common signs of hearing loss. Check out dietspotlight burn review.

    3. You Can’t Hear People on the Phone

    Do you keep pressing or “muting” your other ear whenever you’re on the phone? If so, you likely found yourself thinking, “Do I need hearing aids?”

    The answer is, yes, you most likely do need these devices. Especially if you’ve already set the volume on your phone to the max.

    In this case, you should already start looking for the best audiologist. This way, you can determine if you really do have a hearing impairment, and if so, how severe it is. Wearing hearing aids may be able to prevent your condition from worsening. Digital rechargeable hearing aids are available today, which are easier and more convenient to use.

    4. It’s Become Harder to Follow Conversations With Multiple People

    As people age, the auditory system’s ability to process competing signals deteriorate. This can make it hard to follow conversations if people are simultaneously talking.

    This doesn’t always equate to hearing loss, but it’s best that you have your ears checked soon. Especially if this has become a routine thing, and it’s making you feel left out.

    5. You Feel That People Are Shouting When Talking With You

    You may not actually hear it, but you may be able to sense or see it in their faces. If almost everyone you talk to acts this way, it’s likely because they want you to hear and understand them.

    Have Your Question “Do I Have Hearing Loss” Answered by an Audiologist Now

    These are all signs that you have hearing loss and that you likely need hearing aids. What’s important is to see an ear doctor right away, as some types of hearing loss are reversible. So, as soon something makes you ask, “Do I have hearing loss?”, be sure to pay an audiologist a visit right ASAP.

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