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Doctors See The Benefits Of Home Based Back Pain Treatments

    Many people experience lower back pain in Greenacres but they fail to put together a proper treatment plan. A number of things can contribute to this happening ranging from aging to stress and strain from daily movements. It is essential for anyone with pain to see their doctor on a regular basis, yet there are some things that can be done at home to help between visits. Doctors are seeing the benefits of including at-home options in their treatment plans for patients. With so many options out there, the chance to improve, as well as potentially heal, with the help of these selections could make all the difference.


    Topicals are pain relievers that can be put on the skin; they appear in several forms: spray rubbed into the skin or a patch. Each application method will put a pain reliever where it is most needed while also targeting the problem spots. These topicals have a variety of ingredients to take care of someone’s needs.

    • Capsaicin is one that is very helpful; it is found in chili peppers.
    • Salicylates offer relief from pain and often come in medications like aspirin. It is always recommended to talk with a doctor before beginning a course of medication that includes aspirin. The medication has been known to cause serious side effects in those with some conditions including asthma.

    There are several things to remember when using topicals. The skin can burn if a topical is used with a heating pad and any sort of added heat source should be avoided if at all possible. Hand washing after using these pain relievers is a must since many feature ingredients that might be an irritant in eyes or other parts of the body. Be sure to carefully read any instructions that come with prescribed topicals as well as over the counter options.

    Hot and Cold

    It is best to use cold treatment options on the lower back, especially right after an injury. Cold has a numbing effect and will help any swelling that goes with the pain. An ice pack or even a bag of frozen vegetables with a cloth or towel around it will do the trick in these situations. After two days, heat can be implemented to relax the muscles. Heat gets blood and oxygen to the source of pain for an approach towards long term healing over instant relief. The lower back can be heated by a heating pad, water bottle, shower or bath. Another consideration is additives in baths or similar settings; Epsom salts can be put into a warm bath for a soak. Water should be between 90 and 100 degrees F.


    Surprisingly, movement will strengthen and increase the flexibility of the lower back. An exercise program should target flexibility and strengthening exercises, but incorporate aerobic movements. Stretching is found to lower tension and help relieve tense muscle that can cause pain, it also works to prevent future problems that might occur. Simply taking a walk can help; others can try are swimming, biking, or tai chi. Exercise has another benefit which is keeping a healthy weight, when combined with diet this is a win-win for anyone seeking relief.