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Does Insurance Cover Therapy?

    Insurance is important because it can provide a sense of security for its users. People who have insurance tend to feel safer and more secure. Health insurance makes someone get help with cost relief in the form of medication and mental health therapy.

    In addition to medical drugs, it turns out mental health is something that is also important for each individual. Mental health is very influential on someone’s emotions and ways of thinking. Without good mental health, a person can feel less confident, feel stressed, and even depressed. People who do not have good mental health need help from doctors and therapists.

    Every day, there will always be cases related to mental health problem. According to a quick survey, more than half of Americans experience problems with their mental health each year. Although it looks trivial, mental health is very important to be maintained. The worst impact of bad mental health is depression which can cause death.

    What should people do when they have problems with mental health? Therapy. People with mental health problems need a therapist to do counseling. Unfortunately, counseling with a therapist costs as much as medical treatment.

    Is theraphy covered by insurance? This is a pretty interesting question. Health insurance usually offers both. However, handling disease through body care and self care is certainly different. The costs incurred by our health insurance for these two will definitely different. For that reason, we need to realize that although health insurance offers guarantees for mental health therapy, not all therapists want to work with our health insurance.

    Then, what is the best thing we can do? Now, many online therapy offerings are on the internet or commonly referred to as phone therapy. Basically, online therapy and face to face therapy are the same. Both can be equally helpful in solving mental health problems. Even so, because online therapists cannot be met directly, we must be more careful in choosing it. Some of the things below must be considered before deciding to use online therapy services:

    1) Professionalism

    Make sure the online mental health therapy services you choose are professional. You can check the professionalism by asking the therapist directly. You can trust them if their therapists has a certificate and graduated from a school with a good reputation. Also make sure that in that place they hold the promise of a therapist like they won’t tell your secret, and many more.

    2) Flexibility

    Online therapy has the characteristic of being more flexible. Because everything is done online, you don’t need to worry about consulting outside office hours. Make sure the online therapy services you choose have many choices, such as consultation via telephone, video call, text, or email.

    3) Comfortable

    Feeling comfortable is very important to support the therapy. Even if you are not in a real hospital or clinic, make sure you are in the hands of a licensed and appropriate therapist. A good therapist knows how to make you comfortable. They will listen to your complaints, help find the root of the problem along with the right solution.