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Does Playing an Instrument Help with Anxiety?

    Arts and mental disorders have a long correlation. Hence, disciplines and variations of therapy, such as art therapy, emerged to be adopted by many therapists to ease the symptoms of their patients. In general, mental disorders are hard to figure all out, as every case is very unique. However, the majority of cases related to one disorder can reveal so much about the activities that aim to ease the symptoms those patients are experiencing.

    Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders that might challenge the daily lives of patients who are suffering from it and hinder their productivity. While more than 40 million people suffer from the disorder, there are a few methods that have been effective to make their lives easier. Believe it or not, playing a musical instrument such as acoustic guitar, piano, or the violin has a huge impact on the condition.

    How Does Playing an Instrument Help With Anxiety?

    Playing a musical instrument enhances physical and mental capabilities. You can’t just learn how to play a musical instrument overnight. The effort spent on learning how to control the instrument was found to ease the symptoms of anxiety. Also, when someone is learning a new piece, they listen to it much time; listening to music is also found to relieve the symptoms of the disorder.

    Patients relate to composers and musicians who had their same disorders. While many renowned composers suffered from mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, and a number of other conditions. Studies have detected that the relation between the patient and the composer via the latter’s music has a remarkable impact on their wellbeing.

    Playing Music Reduces Stress Hormones

    Playing music and exposing oneself to the vibration of the strings will stimulate the production of immunoglobulin and antibodies. This will decrease the levels of stress hormone.

    Playing Music Is an Amazing Distraction

    Distractions are often needed in order to take our focus from the triggers that make our symptoms get worse and stimulate anxiety and stress. Listening to music already does that, so does playing it.

    It Is a Type of Meditation

    Meditation is one of the keys that therapists use to get people to relax more and forget about their anxiety or any other stressors. Playing a musical instrument is one kind of meditation and allows you to get a break.

    The Final Tip for People with Anxiety

    In order for this kind of therapy to work, the patient must choose the type of music that speaks to them and relaxes them. Some would prefer to play acoustic guitar, others would prefer the piano or the violin. Regardless of what they choose, they are the ones who will know best how to identify what speaks to them.