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Does The FDA Approve The Consumption Of Kratom Capsules?

    Hey, wait! It seems like you’re searching about whether the FDA has approved the consumption of kratom capsules or not. Right? You know what? We have got so many readers asking the same question. While some of them are herb enthusiasts, others want to check if they’re legally allowed by the FDA to consume kratom capsules or not?

    Kratom is undoubtedly reaching millions of users worldwide. We can see why the users are drooling over this natural herb. The answer is the capability of kratom to work as alternative medicine. You can find several kratom users around you who can confirm the effectiveness of kratom on health and wellness issues. They experienced that kratom is capable of curing multiple health problems.

    What can be the easiest way to take a thing like a kratom? Users are amazed by the variety of products offered by kratom. You can take kratom by brewing kratom tea, applying kratom powder, or consuming kratom extract syrups and capsules. But, can a kratom tea, kratom extract syrup, or a kratom powder, give you consistent doses of kratom?

    Well, we know that your answer to this question is a big ‘no.’ But there is something that can provide you consistent doses of kratom. Yes, we are talking about kratom capsules. Kratom capsules are a less messy way to take kratom. They are also convenient to carry even when you are traveling and are entirely discrete. You can buy kratom pills from any store that has kratom capsules for sale.

    It doesn’t matter whether the capsules contain which strain of kratom in them. All the kratom products fall under the surveillance of the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency associated with the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States. It regulates the harvesting, sales, purchase, and consumption of all food supplements and drugs. Now, the question which arises is, what does the Food and Drug Administration say about the legality of kratom capsules? FDA is responsible for making any drug or diet supplement legal or illegal. Does it approve the consumption of kratom capsules? Well, it is not crystal clear when it comes to the approval of kratom capsules.

    While many people support the FDA’s judgment, some users, sites, and agencies do not support this decision of the FDA. Although kratom capsule users are claiming the effects of kratom capsules on their health problems, there’s a lack of medical proof to prove the effectiveness of kratom capsules. The Food and Drug Administration’s approval for kratom products has always been a hot topic to discuss. There are many controversies related to the approval of kratom capsules by the FDA. Today, we will tell you what the FDA says about the uses of kratom capsules, and what’s the reason behind this decision of the FDA on kratom capsules? So, without causing any further delays, let’s get started-

    Kratom capsules: What are they?

    Okay, first things first. Let’s understand what kratom capsules are? What are their uses? Kratom capsules are pills that are filled with kratom powder. Kratom leaves are blended and dried to make this powder. Kratom leaves grow from the kratom plant, which is a tropical evergreen plant. It’s found in Asian countries like Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South Asian countries.

    Users use these kratom capsules for the treatment of several health ailments. Besides using kratom capsules as alternative medicine, users also use kratom capsules as herbal and dietary supplements. These kratom capsules do the work of both stimulants and sedatives, depending on their doses. Now, let’s proceed with the FDA’s approval on kratom capsules-

    Did the FDA approve the consumption of kratom capsules?

    The answer to this question is a big ‘no.’ The Food and Drug Administration does not approve the use of kratom capsules for any purpose. After reviewing the health risks associated with kratom capsules, the FDA tries its best to stop their use. The FDA is endlessly working with companies that manufacture kratom products to stop selling kratom pills.

    Along with that, FDA is warning users to stop using any kratom product including, kratom capsules. It banned kratom products stating that kratom products are capable of affecting similar opioid brain receptors like morphine. It also says that kratom products including, kratom capsules, have properties that can lead to the risks of dependence, abuse, and addiction.

    The FDA is also reevaluating all the scientific information and safety concerns of using kratom again and again. It’s also performing and encouraging advanced research to understand the properties of kratom capsules better. Besides this, it’s studying the uses and effects of kratom pills when combined with other drugs. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., says that kratom capsules have opioid compounds and have similar addictive effects, overdose, risks of abuse, and even lead to death in some cases. The FDA has taken several actions to stop the use of kratom products. Some of them are-

    1. The U.S. Marshals, in September 2014, along with the FDA, invaded more than 25,000 pounds of raw kratom material. More than $5 million was collected from Rosefield Management, Inc. in Van Nuys, California.
    2. At the request of the FDA, in January 2016, the U.S. Marshals seized about 90,000 bottles of herbal and dietary supplements with kratom in them as their main ingredient. Those products were worth more than $400,000.
    3. In the same year, it also seized more than a hundred cases of products worth $150,000 because of the presence of kratom in them.

    Why the FDA is not approving kratom capsules-

    1. According to the FDA, other than the effects mentioned above of kratom capsules, kratom capsules can lead to vomiting, respiratory depression, nervousness, constipation, hallucinations, weight loss, and even death in some cases.
    2. According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA has filed more than 44 death cases since 2011. All these cases were reported with kratom use as the reason behind death, says the agency officials.

    So, now you know whether the FDA has approved the consumption of kratom capsules or not. While most of the agencies, companies, users, and the public agree with these decisions and observance of the FDA, some users, agencies, and companies still disagree with the FDA in this case. What do you think? Don’t forget to share your views.