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Don’t Be Intimidated! 5 Tips for Starting Crossfit

    There’s an old adage that goes great with a new exercise regime: start as you mean to go on.

    Crossfit’s popularity has exploded in recent years. But like an exercise regime, Crossfit can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. To get started, you need to break it down into basics.

    Crossfit doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are 5 tips to make starting Crossfit that much easier.

    1. Start Small

    Whether you’re starting from scratch or getting back into action after a visit to an Idaho pain clinic, you need to ease into beginner Crossfit.

    Exercise re-educates your body. Each workout is a lesson, and your body revises that lesson in the downtime. And just like when you start studying, your body needs to begin with the easy lessons.

    Starting small gives your body the chance to adapt to your new routines without pushing it too far.

    2. Tweak Your Diet

    Exercise isn’t the be-all of your physical health. Likewise, you’ll put a glass ceiling on your gains if your diet isn’t on point.

    Starting Crossfit is an excellent time to look at your diet and throw out some bad habits — and adopt some new ones. A new exercise regime will normally up to your need for protein, so consider adding more meat, nuts, and protein shakes to your diet.

    3. Let Your Body Talk

    Too much too fast can be the death of any exercise regime.

    Enthusiasm is great when you’re starting out. But it’s possible to get too enthusiastic. If your body is trying to let you know it’s time to take a break, then listen to it.

    Injuries can creep up in the early days of a new routine while your body is still building up its strength.

    Pushing through a wall is a good thing. But trying to push through a genuine injury could cause lasting damage. Rest up an injury and live to fight another day. 

    4. Appreciate Downtime

    By the same token, you need to recognize that, ironically, downtime is a key part of a good exercise regime.

    You don’t get stronger and faster while you’re actually exercising. You’ll burn calories, but the long-term benefits of exercise manifest when you’re resting. This is when your body knits itself back together.

    Your body uses this time to prepare for the next time you’ll demand something from it. So rest is a vital part of building your strength and dexterity.

    5. Don’t Go It Alone 

    Studies show that we work out best when we have people around us to offer support and inspiration.

    Committing to a Crossfit workout routine can take huge amounts of willpower. Anything you can do to make it easier will increase your chances of success. By grouping up with other get-fit friends, you’ll all have a better shot at sticking to your Crossfit workouts.

    Starting Crossfit the Easy Way

    These simple tips for starting Crossfit can make an imposing prospect that much easier. Dedicating yourself to an exercise routine is a heroic feat of willpower, so you owe it to yourself to make success as easy as possible.

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