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Double Eyelid Surgery: All You Need To Know

    Double eyelid surgery creates a line in the upper lid of someone who does not have one or has one that isn’t well defined. Double eyelid surgery creates a double-eyelid fold, making the eyes appear larger, more open, and rounder. The procedure can remove puffy, tired-looking hooded lids by removing excess skin and fat. Learn more about double eyelid surgery Singapore residents can try today!

    Double Eyelid Surgery Pros and Cons

    Below are some pros and cons of undergoing double eyelid surgery:


    • Under local anesthesia with sedation, the one-hour procedure takes place in a surgeon’s office. You will be awake but relaxed.
    • You can conceal scars easily with new lid creases.
    • The procedure can create an upper eyelid crease and lift sagging or droopy eyes.
    • This creates a better platform for eyeshadow application and allows you to apply eyeliner more easily. 


    • For at least the first week, you’ll notice swelling and bruising.
    • Although it can make your eyes appear larger, the procedure will not increase the visibility of the eye.
    • Globally, the rate of revision is as high as 10%. 

    How Is Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery?

    You will be discharged from the hospital after the surgery. The procedure usually takes around an hour, and you should feel a very little discomfort. After your surgery, you can walk independently, but you’ll still be groggy enough to need a friend or relative to accompany you home. It’s best to relax on the first day. Your procedure type will determine the extent of your recovery. For instance:

    • Suture-only techniques typically cause mild swelling, lasting up to two days. To reduce swelling, apply light ice packs and cold compresses as your surgeon recommends. Many patients can return to work or other activities in 12-24 hours.
    • Incisional or open surgery will result in visible sutures. This swelling can improve over the next two weeks, but it can take up to six months for complete resolution. After surgery, sutures are usually removed in 5-14 days. Most people can look normal in 2 to 3 weeks. If necessary, you can conceal the healing by using light eye makeup. Walking is fine for a few days following surgery. However, you will be asked not to do strenuous exercise for at least two weeks.

    Final Thoughts

    As the swelling decreases, you will see double eyelid results in two to three weeks. While the swelling subsides, you will notice subtle changes over the next few months. Remember that swelling can make the lid crease appear higher than it is. The crease will eventually settle to its original position as the swelling diminishes.

    A small, almost invisible scar is along the incision line at the eyelid crease. This scar will continue to heal for the next 12 to 18 months. The results of the procedure should last for decades. However, they may start to fade over time due to the natural aging process.

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