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Duties of a Dentist

    A dentist is expected to carry out various duties, and these include caring for the dental health, and oral wellbeing of the patients brought to them. At Asha Dental, these duties are carried out with utmost competence and professionalism.

    It is actually common to find people visiting their dentist only when they have pain in their mouth or teeth. This is actually wrong as the duties of the dentist cover more than just tooth pain. It is necessary to understand these duties as we would be discussing these duties below.

    Educate Patients On Dental Care And Prevention Of Oral Ailments

    It is a prominent duty of the dentist to educate or enlighten his patients about their oral health, i.e., teach and tell them what to do and what not to do as regards their oral health. He is also expected to train them on ways to prevent oral illnesses or ailments. There are many wrong oral practices that are carried out by people. Example of these includes; chewing ice blocks, grinding of teeth against each other, using teeth to open bottled drinks. All these activities negatively impact the teeth, and many persons are oblivious about it. It is thus expedient for the dentist to enlighten the people.

    Observe the Patient’s Oral Status And Prescribe Drugs

    It is the duty of the dentist to note and examine the oral health of a patient. After a thorough examination, he is expected to prescribe the necessary drugs, medication, or practices that will enable recovery on the part of the patient or prevent the situation from escalating.

    Interpreting The Results Of Tests And X-rays

    An average person doesn’t have the medical orientation or knowledge to be able to interpret the results of x-rays or tests carried out on them. It is the sole duty of a dentist to explain the content of the test or x-ray to the patient. It is worthy of note that while explaining the test, he is expected to advise and give detailed enlightenment on what the patient should do and what not to do.

    Undertaking Surgeries On The Teeth And The Dental Areas

    It is the sole duty of a dentist to carry out surgeries on the teeth of a patient. Usually, a general doctor doesn’t have the knowledge or the license to carry out surgeries on the teeth. These procedures are taught solely to dentists, and they are expected to carry it out on patients. These surgeries are meant to correct serious dental problems and issues and are within the scope of a dentist’s duties.

    Ensure That His Workspace Is Clean And Hygienic

    It is a major duty of a dentist to ensure that his workspace or area is clean and conducive to receive patients. No patient would definitely find pleasure staying in a dirty place, and in a situation like this, the dentist is deemed to have failed in his duty as a dentist. Thus a major duty of a dentist is to keep his workplace clean.

    Coordinating With Other Clinical Workers To Care For Patients

    It is the duty of the dentist to make sure he works collectively with other officials of the hospital to make sure the patients are cared for. He alone can’t take care of the patient. He needs the assistance of other workers; thus, it is his duty to make sure he coordinates them to achieve the result of taking care of the patient during and after his dental surgery or check-up.

    Monitoring The Development And Growth Of Teeth

    It is the duty of the dentist to monitor and note the development of the teeth and how well it grows. He does this to prevent certain negative occurrences from happening to the teeth. In situations where there might be deformed teeth, he would be able to correct on time. Also, if there is overcrowding or other issues, he would be able to correct them promptly. He also monitors the development and growth of the teeth so that he would be able to know the right drugs to prescribe to help strengthen weak teeth.


    In conclusion, the duties of a dentist are wide and numerous. The development, growth, and ultimate survival of the teeth hinged on a dentist performing his duties well. Thus the responsibilities of a dentist cannot be underemphasized. Dentists play a major role in the overall health of any individual.