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Eat Smart: 7 Super Delicious and Incredibly Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks

    Your body is trained to feel hunger four hours after eating

    Therefore, if you’re someone who eats an early breakfast, you are likely used to feeling hungry at the mid-morning mark.

    If you’re trying to combat those mid-morning hunger pangs, why not reach for a healthy snack?

    Check out our list of delicious and healthy mid-morning snacks to help you survive until lunchtime.

    1. Mixed Nuts Fill You Up

    There’s nothing better than a handful of nuts to help fill your stomach, and If you don’t like their original flavors then we would suggest you have a look at chocolate bags with different variety of nuts. However, it can be very easy to overeat nuts and then feel too full. 

    Before you head out to work, make sure to prepare a bag with a few mixed nuts. Add in your favorites but also a few others to truly provide an array of nutrients.

    Why not try cashew nuts, almonds, pecans, peanuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts?

    If you don’t love the taste of nuts, try adding in some other flavors such as coconut flakes or even chocolate drops to break this snack up a little.

    A handful of nuts can provide you with huge benefits such as vitamin C, fiber, mega-6 and omega-3, and magnesium. 

    2. Fruit Salads are Sweet and Delicious

    If nuts don’t satisfy your cravings, it’s time to roll out the fruit. However, if you’ve eaten a handful of nuts, wait about 20 minutes before reaching for another snack. It can take some time to fully digest nuts. 

    When it comes to choosing the fruit to go into your salad, you can’t go wrong! Why not start with cut up apple and grapes?

    Add in a few raspberries for a hit of low-calorie antioxidants. If it’s the right time of year, strawberries are a delicious treat. 

    When planning your fruit salad, make sure to choose fruit that is in season. This reduces the fruit’s impact on the planet and will ensure your salad is fresher!

    3. Dried Fruit is a Portable Snack

    If you can’t pull out your container full of fruit, why not rely on dried fruit instead?

    It can be easy to overeat dried fruit. This is especially the case if you are sitting at a desk all day where it’s easy to mindlessly snack. 

    So, make sure to buy a big bag of dried fruit and empty one portion out into a small container to take to work with you. 

    Dried fruit has these benefits which can provide you with a healthy boost of energy and ward off those mid-morning hunger pangs.

    4. Celery Sticks are an Interesting Mouthful

    For those who prefer a more savory snack in the morning, why not prepare some celery to munch on? This vegetable is extremely low calorie and takes some chewing so is much harder to mindlessly eat. 

    However, the taste does take some getting used to. Why not bring along one of your favorite dips to make it more appetizing?

    Ideas could be cottage cheese, hummus, sour cream, cream cheese, pr guacamole. 

    Of course, it’s worth portioning out the dip as this is arguably a lot more delicious than the celery and not at all low in calories!

    5. Freshly Laid Eggs are Packed with Protein

    Protein is used by the body to build and repair tissues. It is used to make hormones and your body’s chemicals. 

    Therefore, eating the right amount of protein is important. But, it’s been found that American adults don’t get enough of this nutrient. 

    So, ensure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet by bringing in an egg or two for your mid-morning snack. As well as providing you with a high-quality source of protein, your snack will also offer benefits such as vitamin B6, B12, and D. 

    If you don’t want to munch on a whole egg, why not cut it up and put it on a cracker or a piece of wholemeal toast?

    6. Miso Soup is Healthy, Warm, and Delicious

    If you prefer a snack which has not come straight out of the fridge, why not make some miso soup?

    Many Japanese people eat this soup every single day as a way to stave off hunger pangs between meals. 

    It is low-calorie, low-fat, and provides calcium, protein, and vitamin B. Miso means fermented beans which provides beneficial bacteria.

    Buy some miso paste from a supermarket, then add vegetable broth. You can also add greens and tofu to this dish. 

    There are many recipes to choose from online. Either make your miso soup in advance and bring it into work to heat up. Or, choose a miso paste that simply requires you to add water!

    7. Rice Cakes are Low Calorie and Filling

    This snack is one that is also easy to eat a lot of. So, make sure you prepare a controlled portion to bring with you. Either eat rice cakes on their own, or bring along some hummus or spread to add an extra element. 

    This is not the healthiest snack on this list, but it is certainly one of the easiest and lowest-calorie options. 

    This snack is good for weight loss and is also gluten-free. Choose a rice cake with whole-grain brown rice to boost the benefits. 

    Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks are Easy to Find

    The idea of bringing healthy mid-morning snacks to work is to keep your stomach feeling full before lunchtime. 

    However, you don’t want to overeat during this mid-morning break. In order to ensure you’re not too hungry, plan a sumptuous breakfast and lunch. 

    It can be easy to reach for too many midmorning snacks if you don’t limit your portions. Try bringing in two healthy snacks each day and see which keep you feeling full!

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