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Effective and Extensive Emergency Dentistry Services in Virginia

    Poor dental hygiene is the root of all oral health problems. From tooth decay and bad smell to gum disease, it all starts from unhealthy dental practices. Keeping your mouth clean is critical as it helps fight bacteria that could be a cause of infections. Hence, brushing twice a day and flossing is among the essential dental hygiene practices for a healthy oral system and smiles. Regular dental check-ups also play a vital role in ensuring your oral health is in the right state. Momentum Dental Care is a family and cosmetic dental practice specializing in providing gentle and comprehensive oral health care. The Bristow emergency dentistry specialists provide high quality and professional care to meet your dental needs when they arise. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

    A painful dental problem is usually unbearable and unpredictable. Tamesha Morris, DDS and the Momentum Dental Care team provide extensive emergency dentistry services to reduce your pain and improve your oral health. Visit them today for the best dental care experience.

    What is emergency dentistry?

    Emergency dentistry is a type of dental care that offers diagnosis and treatment of dental issues that need immediate care. Getting care quickly will reduce pain and prevent more severe issues. Emergency dentistry helps situations such as a deep tooth cavity, tooth loss, and a damaged tooth.

    At Momentum Dental Care, they are always ready for an emergency visit and have set time every day for that.

    What issues does emergency dentistry treat?

    At Momentum Dental Care, emergency dentistry involves treating several dental problems, such as:

    • Loose or dislodged teeth
    • Damaged restorations, e.g., crowns or bridges
    • Sudden or severe toothaches
    • Broken or damaged dentures
    • Infected teeth
    • Objects lodged between teeth
    • Missing teeth

    Emergency dentistry might also help cases where you have hurt your gums or tongue and are bleeding.

    What should you do when in need of emergency dentistry?

    If you find yourself in a situation where you require emergency dentistry, it is advisable to stay calm and act as fast as you can. Here is what to do if you get these emergency dentistry issues:

    Knocked-out tooth

    In a case where you lose your permanent tooth, you should pick it up and place it back in the socket. If the tooth does not stick back, it is advisable to put it in a glass of milk or inside your cheek. Then seek immediate care.

    Damaged restoration

    For a chipped or a cracked restoration, you should pick up the pieces, place them in a plastic bag or foil, and then call your provider.


    In case of a painful toothache, it’s advisable to take over-the-counter medication and apply a bag of ice to your cheek as you wait to seek professional help.

    How can you prevent a dental emergency?

    You can lower your risk of dental emergencies through:

    • Practicing good oral hygiene
    • Regular dental exams
    • Wearing mouth or night guard
    • Avoiding biting hard objects using your teeth

    In conclusion, emergency dentistry helps provide immediate dental care to a painful or severe dental issue. Momentum Dental Care offers emergency dentistry at any time to relieve your pain, lower complications, and enhance your health. Visit them today for a comfortable and compassionate dental experience.