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Effective Workouts For Cardiovascular Exercising

    Cardiovascular workouts are one of the most essential things to do for your body when it comes to fitness, burning fat, losing weight, and improving your overall health. You can utilize equipment like elliptical trainers or treadmills, or you can generate your own exercise plan at home with various cardio exercises like jogging, burpees or jumping jacks. Anything that boosts your heart rate will be effective, but some workouts are more effective than others. We are sharing workouts below that you can do that is effective for an efficient cardio workout to get your heart rate up, get into shape and burn more calories. 

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    • Forty-twenty HIIT circuit workout
    • Fitness level: Advanced/intermediate
    • Duration: Thirty-five minutes
    • Fitness equipment: Platform or step

    How this workout works:

    • Cumulative Intensity – your cardio moves include various exercises from burpees to long jumps. By the end of every circuit, you will feel breathless due to the cumulative intensity.
    • Short Recovery Time –Every high-intensity cardio workout is done for forty seconds, and then you rest for twenty seconds. 
    • Activation of fat-burning hormones – once you enter your anaerobic zone, your body starts generating adrenaline and growth hormone. You end up burning more calories during exercise and get a fantastic afterburn.

    With four entire circuits, you will burn loads of calories. Visit CardioTech for available cardio exercise equipment rentals.

    • Thirty-Sixty-Ninety Mixed Interlude Workout
    • Fitness level: Advanced/intermediate
    • Duration: Forty minutes
    • Fitness equipment: Any cardio activity or equipment

    During this exercise you will switch between interludes of thirty, sixty, and ninety seconds with even rest periods. You will work three various levels of intensity.

    How this workout works:

    • Moderate Intensity – Around level six on perceived exertion scale of one to ten.
    • High-Intensity – you will not sustain it for long since it will be outside your comfort level, around level eight on perceived exertion scale.
    • Very High Intensity – This will be the quickest interval and will take you to level eight or nine, which would be in your anaerobic zone.

    When emphasizing on all intensity levels, you are training all the energy systems in your body for a full, calorie-burning workout. 

    • Burning Mega Calories In Thirty Minutes
    • Fitness level: Advanced /intermediate
    • Duration: Thirty minutes
    • Equipment: Elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike

    The number of calories you will be burning is contingent on certain factors like your gender, body size and workout intensity. This workout includes four exercises that teaches you how to change the setting of some of the most regular cardio equipment to get the best results from your workout. By changing speed, incline, and resistance, you are challenging your body to burn more calories. 

    How this workout works:

    Workout 1 – You increase and decrease the incline on your treadmill to burn more calories and avoid boredom.

    Workout 2 – You use an elliptical trainer and gradually increase the incline/resistance for six-minute interludes, then go down for two minutes.

    Workout 3 – You spend two minutes to increase resistance on your stationary bike, two minutes lowering resistance, and then another minute pedalling at high resistance to boost your heart rate. 

    Workout 4 – in this workout you skip the gym and exercise in the outdoors by jogging, sprinting, or walking.