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Elliptical Workout: 7 Simple Ways to Get Better Results 

    An elliptical workout is an exceptional cardiovascular fitness exercise. It is one of the most comfortable workouts since it is low impact. You will do your elliptical workout very well once you work with a machine with proper biomechanics. This is because you will be able to do more for extended periods. Many people prefer elliptical workouts at home and in the gym since they offer a total body workout that suits any fitness level.

    One thing for sure is an elliptical machine is among the most sought-after cardio machines in any given fitness center. Some people feel that a cheap elliptical machine will not offer the same results; that is a wrong perception. An affordable machine can still enable you to optimize your time for maximum results. 

    Elliptical Workout: 7 Simple Ways to Get Better Results

    The elliptical workout requires total commitment, just like any other workout. If you don’t give this workout your, all your results will plateau. I am sure you don’t want that to happen; that is why we have compiled the following simple ways to get better results from having elliptical workouts.


    • High-intensity interval workout


    If you want better results when doing elliptical workouts, then you should consider having high-intensity interval workouts. In as much as the elliptical machine is meant for steady cardio exercise, you can still do much more.  Choose to work out fast with high-intensity and harder, then recover for a minute. Repeat this severally then on a scale of one to ten, rate your effort. Ensure you take advantage of the high-intensity workout fully then rest to prep the body for maximum performance when having high-intensity spurts.


    • Make proper use the elliptical’s arms 


    If you don’t use the upper body features on the elliptical, especially the arms correctly, you will not achieve maximum effectiveness. Though an elliptical machine works on the lower body, it can be used to work on the arms too. Therefore, you need to hold on to the elliptical’s arms and guide your arms as you carry out your work. Remember that the arms can only move while cooperating with the foot pedals and not independently. As you do this, your legs are driving the machine while, on the other hand, your arms are also receiving some workout. 


    • Some cardio is beneficial 


    When starting working out with an elliptical machine, you have to indulge in some aerobic workout. It is one of the most basic levels you need to work on. The best part is the elliptical machine will design an exercise for you that works right. To get some cardio, you will have to start by answering some questions in regards to your weight. The computer keys in this information then design an appropriate workout aiming to achieve a targeted heart rate. When undertaking the program, do not forget to pedal through the cooling down phase. It is essential to cool down, for this minimizes the dizziness, which can occur due to strenuous workout.


    • Mix in some core exercises


    To get the most out of an elliptical session, it is wise to incorporate some core exercises. This helps in keeping your abs engaged as well as enabling you to remain in good form. Start by dropping down the elliptical machine then hold a static plank to engage your abs. Choose some core exercises to is mix up the time you take working on the elliptical. Ideally, what you should do is to get off the machine after every three minutes, then perform 30-second plank side planks with some other core exercises.


    • Remain fit after an injury


    If you happen to get an injury for one reason or another, you may want to stay off exercise. However, that should not be the case because you should always maintain fitness, whether injured or not. Hence in a situation where you are nursing an injury, choose to do elliptical workouts. You don’t have to stay off regular physical exercises. It will help if you remain fit at all times.  Elliptical workouts are great since they are low-impact, meaning you will not stress your joints. The great benefit of having elliptical workouts when injured is you will be able to regain motion fast. Apart from that, it also strengthens your joints and muscles hence no need to stay off exercising.


    • Learn to alternate your stride


    When using an elliptical regularly, you have to alternate your stride when pedaling even if you are using a cheap elliptical machine. Many people tend to pedal forward always. That should not be the case because it makes you miss an opportunity of working out entirely. Choose to alternate pedaling forward with pedaling backward for maximum results. Doing this helps you to burn more calories compared to pedaling the same way all the time. Once you break this monotony, allow your body to fully exercise, which is a good way of getting better results.


    • Vary the incline 


    When working out, it is vital to bear in mind the butt muscles. You need to work out your butt muscles more, which can be achieved by performing elliptical workouts. To help you get better results, you have to adjust the incline higher and then change every other minute. Typically, the incline ranges between 1 – 20; hence you can choose to increase the incline gradually by starting with two each time. Start from zero then after a minute, move up to two till you get to twenty, then go down. Alternate this several times if you want to achieve better results.

    Final thoughts

    To get better results when having elliptical workouts, you must bear in mind the above simple ways. Many benefits come with having elliptical workouts, including burning calories, increasing strength, maintaining fitness, among others. This low-impact workout can also be achieved by using a cheap Elliptical machine. Hence, do not hesitate because you will still get the same results as long as you are committed. The best part is you do not have to go to the gym because you can have this machine at home. This way, you will exercise as many times as you want to in the comfort of your home.