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EMF Product Reviews for Electromagnetic Field Radiation Protection

    Some may have heard of this phenomenon known as EMF or “Electromagnetic Field Radiation Protection” at some point in life, due to various reasons. With the advent of new technology popping up around every corner all over the world, many have been discussing this concept and this article taps into this topic giving you an idea of what exactly it is and what are some of the products that can be protected from EMF for the sake of good health. Check secure shield if you want to learn more.


    The Questions About EMF

    It has become second nature for us to use electricity without batting an eyelid of putting a second thought into it. We cannot live without it and whenever we use it, there is both magnetic and electric field that exists close to the transportation cables unseen to the naked eye, and these are around any appliances as well.

    The question about this, since the 70s, has remained, whether exposing oneself to these electromagnetic fields (EMF) or low-frequency fields (ELF) is harmful to health or has any negative consequences. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), much research has gone into this topic which one can access on its website. These issues have been resolved and have also been dealt with regarding future generations and research around it. 

    The discussions that were around any risks associated with exposure to EMF recently resulted in a review in 1996. Typically, these waves are shielded by materials such as metal or wood. However, they arise from electric charges or “currents” which are emitted, however in some countries an additional unit of measurement is used called a “gauss”, which is not shielded, and the source is stronger closer to the appliance and disappears further apart.

    The Evidence for Health Risk

    As mentioned above, the WHO adopted a task team to figure out what the risks are of this sort of entity, and if it has any relation to cancer-causing cells. Following this process, the team concluded that although there are substantial risks of the ELF to the public, the magnetic fields may be an issue. 

    In other words, they looked at both the short-term and long-term effects. In vast amounts, and high exposure areas it has been seen to cause nerve stimulation and changes to a person’s nerve cell in regards to their central nervous system. There are also potential long-term effects, which include possible carcinogenic repercussions to humans. 

    The tests were also done to see if there was a relation to childhood leukemia. In any case, even though the results are inconclusive, there is still doubt on whether this has no harm to humans what so ever. Therefore, we have put this article together to help you with some information regarding how to protect yourself and your devices and home from EMF. Discover these possible ways below. 

    How to Protect Your Household from EMF Emissions?

    Some of the many options of solutions used to protect items in the home include Wi-Fi router guards, necklaces, bracelets, clothing, cell phone cases, air tube headsets, meters, blankets, smart meter guards to name a few. 

    Let’s look at which ones are the best ones to consider. 

    Switching Your Wi-Fi. One of the most prevalent things the majority of houses have in today’s world is the internet which is related to Wi-Fi, one cannot live without it anymore and it has become a necessity. However, did you know that wi-fi enabled devices emit quite a bit of radiation? The solution here is to exchange it with a Wired internet, which emits much fewer waves and is faster, more secure, and a more reliable way to access internet connection. 

    Cordless Phones. These too can emit these waves and no matter how inexpensive and convenient they may be, it is always best to swap them with one with a cord. It may not be reliable but it is a sure way to avoid getting sick eventually. If this is not an option, unplug your phone when not in use. 

    A possibility with this is also in getting a headset that is wired to connect to your phone. It will still give you the option of being portable, with the added benefit of keeping you away from the headset itself, which means less EFT frequencies reaching you or anyone else in the household.


    Placement of Electronics. This is one thing to consider as well, with all your appliances and electronics. You need to be careful where you place them. If you always carry your phone in your phone pocket, change this to rather keep it in a bag and get wireless Bluetooth headphones for it instead. 

    When working on a laptop, either at home or in the office environment, do not keep the unit on your body, for instance on your lap, but rather place it on a tabletop instead. The further it is away from you, the better it will be. Also, try and not charge it while you are using it, which will add more voltage to the mix. The idea is to lessen it. 

    The age-old debate has always encouraged people to go wireless, however as you have seen this is not advisable. In the end, as much as you can go wired, instead of wireless, you should do it. Swapping things around in the home may be a hassle but it will be worth it in the end and will keep you and your family safe from harm.