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Endodontic Specialist Services

    San Antonio is a large city with many excellent endodontists. You should visit a San Antonio endodontic specialist if you have a painful or traumatized tooth.

    Unlike a general dentist, there are many forms of treatment that an endodontic specialist will not recommend. Since they offer treatment for painful or traumatized teeth, there are several forms of treatment you will typically receive, including:

    Root Canal

    The most common method of treatment at the endodontic specialist’s office is a root canal. The reason is that it is also the most effective.

    Endodontic treatment is necessary whenever the pulp of your tooth is infected. A pulp infection will have signs such as swelling, tenderness, or pain when infected.

    A root canal is a procedure that removes the damaged pulp and then covers the tooth. It may take several visits to the endodontist’s office for the root canal to be finished.

    Endodontic Surgery

    First and foremost, it is crucial to note that a root canal is not a surgical procedure. Only the pulp of the tooth is removed and the gap is cleaned and filled during a root canal.

    However, if the damage to the tooth is too extensive for a root canal to be a satisfactory solution, then endodontic surgery will be necessary. Such situations may include infected gums or removing a completely infected tooth.

    There are many types of endodontic surgery procedures, the most common of which is the root-end resection. It involves replacing infected teeth roots at the gums.

    Repairing Dental Injuries

    The best person to visit after suffering from a dental injury is an endodontist. It is their specialty to deal with such dental cases.

    One of the most common dental injuries is dislodged teeth. A dislodged tooth can either be intruded or extruded. The former involves the tooth being pushed into its socket whereas vice versa is valid for the latter.

    A dislodged tooth will have to be repositioned and re-stabilized. It may also require a root canal if there is an infection.

    Chipped and fractured teeth are the other primary form of dental injuries. A chipped tooth is partially broken while a fractured one is mainly detached.

    A filling will typically fix a chipped tooth. However, if it damages or exposes the pulp of the tooth, a root canal will be necessary.

    A crack in a tooth may extend all the way to the root and cause severe nerve damage. An endodontic specialist will be sure to help you with any dental injury.

    Endodontic Retreatment

    Most dental solutions and devices are meant to last for a long time. A tooth can be healthy for years after a root canal.

    However, root canals and dental surgery do not always end in the desired result. The solution will be endodontic retreatment which is a chance to save your tooth.

    Retreatment aims to rectify the damage in a new way or to repair what was not fixed the first time around. A treatment that did not work will most likely result in success after endodontic retreatment.