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Enhancing Athletic Performance & Offering Relief from Musculoskeletal Pain in Idaho

    Biomechanics is the functioning of your muscles, bones, and connective tissues to support mobility and offer balance and stability. A biomechanical abnormality often results in injuries and pain. The expert medical team at Sensor Medica Clinic provides professional evaluation and customized treatment for biomechanics in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Achieve complete relief from musculoskeletal pain and enhance your athletic performance by scheduling an appointment with Sensor Medica Clinic by calling the office or using the online booking tool

    What is Biomechanics?

    Typically, Biomechanics is the science of how one’s body uses connective tissues, muscles, and bones to support mobility function. A person’s musculoskeletal system works in harmony, so, in the case of abnormality or misalignment in one section of your body, it will probably result in widespread problems. The following are the four elements of biomechanics:


    Static biomechanics are all structures offering support and stability, attaining equilibrium while moving or at rest.


    Dynamic biomechanics are structures that provide deceleration and acceleration. For instance, the muscles you used when switching from walking to running or when slowing down following a sprint.


    Kinematic biomechanics involves the combined effect of various forces in your body. For instance, how does a vehicle accident impact your spine, or how does changing direction fast when running affect an athlete.


    Kinetic biomechanics encircles the forces which cause movement in your body, including muscle and nerve activity.

    What is the Significance of Biomechanics?

    Every person benefits from biomechanics. Whether you are only beginning to jog or a professional athlete, understanding your body will help you avoid injury and boost functioning. Besides, if you have a degenerative condition, injury, or surgery which impairs your mobility, biomechanics uses rehabilitation programs and physical therapy to help one resume your usual routine.

    What to Expect With Biomechanics Testing?

    The team of specialists at Sensor Medica Clinic incorporates innovative, cutting-edge medical technology to diagnose your biomechanics. The non-surgical tests offer information concerning your musculoskeletal posture, gait, balance, and alignment.

    During your evaluation, the biomechanics specialists use sensor treadmills, platforms, and extensive physical exams. These tests are performed in-house, and because they are non-invasive, they are painless. The specialists at Sensor Medica Clinic recommend patients to wear comfortable clothing during such an appointment.

    How to Treat Biomechanical Issues?

    Once your doctor determines your biomechanical problem, they develop a customized treatment plan to repair or correct the issue. For instance, they provide chiropractic adjustments to rectify alignment issues within your body. Your treatment plan may also incorporate regenerative medicine, physical therapy, or laser and shockwave therapy. All treatments are specially tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of every patient.

    To sum up, the Sensor Medica Clinic provides a plethora of physical medicine services, allowing doctors to help patients find a solution for any biomechanical problem. The facility takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Whether you wish to enhance your athleticism or have experienced musculoskeletal pain, the professionals at Sensor Medica Clinic are an excellent resource. To schedule an appointment, call the practice or use their online booking tool.