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Enjoyable Workouts For Lazy People

    Gathering knowledge and ideas, collecting equipment and diet charts, rolling up the daily routine for a gym- everything goes in vain when you are too lazy to work it out. This quote is super same for all the lazy people like me. And this is what I do in the name of fitness and workout.

    Every night you stand in front of the mirror, observe your body and decide to start a workout from tomorrow.

    But all seems fuzzy the next morning. If you are lazy enough to go to the gym or you can’t manage your time for the daily rush. Yeah, it happens to all of us.

    But I finally tied a plan, turning my hobbies and passions as a workout. Maybe you think it’s abnormal or odd, but yes, I did, and it worked for me.

    I’m sharing some of my practical ideas as workout what I followed and made myself fit and light.


    Cutting a rug makes your dance floor sweaty; it is commonly said by the dancers and fitness trainer. And I believe too because dancing makes movements in all directions of your body. You can burn up to 300 calories of fat in every half an hour- According to a survey of The American Council of Exercise.

    Many of us have a great passion for dancing or love to dance in free time. It is your time to switch it up with boring exercise and enjoy your workout time.

    The styles will help you most; I’m sharing a few of them below. If you have no idea about these steps or styles, go and search on YouTube. All tutorials are available there. Kill two birds with one stone, learn dancing and burn calories at once!

    1. Freestyle: This style allows you to move your body freely following a piece of music. It’s the easiest way of dancing than other dance forms.
    2. Belly dancing: Belly dancing is an Arabian dancing form. It helps to reduce and tone up the areas of hip, abs, and back. The exotic art of dancing it has, need enough practice to knack it
    3. Zumba: Zumba is a kind of cardio exercise and referred by many gym trainers. It incorporates four forms of dancing such as salsa, hip-hop, rumba, and merengue that isolates thighs, hips, abs, and back.
    4. Salsa: If you have a partner willing to burn calories like you, make a couple, and start salsa dancing. It’s an American dance form, and it will burn 420 calories of an hour practicing. 
    5. Hip-hop: It’s a very frank form of dance practicing in street, nightclubs, and urban areas. It will relief you from 250 calories of an hour dancing, as it moves all the body parts while dancing.

    There have plenty of dance forms to practice as work out, browse for them. I just triggered the idea for you.

    Roller Skating: 

    You may shock up listening that your favorite roller skating can cut your extra pounds! Yes, that’s right. A 30 minute of roller-skating expends 250 calories that sum up 1250 calories in a week if you take 5 sessions per week.

    Sounds super helpful for weight loss, no?

    This idea is especially helpful for women, as roller-skating effective on legs, thighs, and hips. So, get a pair of best rollerblades for women and start being trained or start skating.

    But men are also can shape their lower part of the body by skating. It freshens up the mood and deducts the extra calories you consume in your every meal.


    A skipping rope is the most effective equipment than any other you expense for. Yes, It is. A survey of Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport showed, every day, 10 minutes of skipping can results you the same cardiovascular improvements as 30 minutes daily jogging for six weeks can do.

    So, start jumping with the skipping rope you have, and please keep these tips in mind.

    • Start with basic bounce with just for 1 minute, gradually expand the duration.
    • Daily 5 minutes for beginners, make the time expended after every 1 week.
    • Try to use a little heavy rope; it will help your forearms to twist it easily
    • Minimize your impact by staying light on your feet, low to the ground, making knees softer.
    • Maintain a 45-degree angle of your hands for easy jumping.



    Our teenagers have a tendency to cycling at their age of 13-17 years not only teens, but we adults also have a passion for cycling. If you really enjoy cycling, then go for it, no matter what ages you are at.

    Cycling is one of the most effective ways of burning fat and decrease body shape as expected. It mainly works for lower parts of our body as glutes, quads, hip, and hamstrings, but with regular practice, you will end up with heart, brain, and also with the improvements of blood circulation.

    Wrapping up

    These 4 recreational ways of exercising helped me far to feel light and feet. Do what you enjoy most, and replace one of them as a workout. You can nail your dreaming body shape by enjoying yourself.