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Esberitox Review

    Esberitox reviews

    Esberitox reviews

    Keeping our immune system up and running is one of the most important things we can do for our body. But sometimes, due to either poor nutrition or stress, we can be particularly vulnerable to viruses and harmful bacteria.

    This is especially true during the common cold season, when everyone seems to be sick at once. Thankfully, there are solutions for that. Namely, products that can boost our immune system and help us stay strong and healthy.

    Meet Esberitox

    One of the products that can help you boost your immune system is Esberitox. This is a herbal medicine with scientifically proven efficacy that features three active substances.

    Namely, Thuja, wild indigo and coneflower, which altogether help in the therapy of viral common cold diseases. Its herbal power is something a lot of people have gotten to know over the years, and the results are very good.

    In fact, you probably didn’t know that this product has existed for more than 90 years! Now, that tells you a lot about the quality, as well as the efficacy of this medicine.

    Why Use Esberitox?

    Esberitox reviews

    There are many benefits to using Esberitox. For starters, it helps deal with viral common cold diseases, which affect a large percentage of people throughout the year. Next, it alleviates symptoms of common colds, helping us stay strong.

    And not only that – Esberitox also significantly shortens the duration of viral respiratory tract infections. Doing this prevents the complication of infections, and shortens the overall time it takes to get healthy again.

    This is a very versatile product, and as such, it’s a good addition to your collection of home remedies. It’s an indispensable part of protection during the common cold season, which inevitably affects us all.

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    Esberitox Range

    Esberitox reviews

    When talking about Esberitox, we’re actually talking about several products. While they have some things in common, they are intended for slightly different uses. Here is what you can get:

    Esberitox Tablets

    For starters, we have the classic product – Esberitox tablets. It comes in a pack of 60 tablets, each containing Thuja, wild indigo and coneflower. These active ingredients are helpful in fighting viral common cold diseases with the well-known immuno-active complex.

    What’s more, the tablets will shorten viral respiratory tract infections. By 2 or 3 days, to be more precise, which significantly shortens the overall recovery time.

    The product is free of any added flavors or colors, and what’s more, it doesn’t have any preserving additives. This is something a lot of people will certainly be happy to hear, regardless what your everyday diet or lifestyle is.

    Because it is so well-tolerated, even children older than 4 can take it. Overall, this is a good product for the entire family, especially when every family member is in danger from viral common cold diseases.

    Children from 4 to 6 years old should take 1 or 2 tablets, three times a day, while children aged 7-11 should take 2 or 3 tablets, three times a day. Children older than 12, adolescents and adults should take 4 to 6 tablets, three times a day.

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    Esberitox review

    Esberitox COMPACT

    Next, we have Esberitox COMPACT which, as its name suggests, provides the benefits of Esberitox in a more concentrated form.

    Namely, these are tablets that are up to five times more concentrated compared to the classic form of Esberitox.

    This product comes in a pack of 40 tablets, each containing 16 mg of dried extract of herbal active ingredients. To give you some context, the regular tablets have 3.2 mg of dried extract in each tablet.

    Because of how concentrated they are, you only need to take one of these tablets, three times a day. However, this product is not for children under the age of 12, unlike the classic tablets. Esberitox COMPACT has a nice lemon flavor, and it doesn’t contain any sugar or lactose.

    Esberitox Esberi-Efeu

    In addition to tablets, there is also a cough syrup – the Esberi-Efeu. It contains dry extract of ivy leaves as its active ingredient, which helps dissolve the mucus and relieve the cough. It comes in a bottle of 50 ml, and it’s suitable for both children and adults.

    In fact, children as young as 2 can take this product without any problems. Of course, within the recommended daily doses.

    Esberitox mono Tropfen

    Finally, we have Esberitox mono Tropfen, which is a herbal medicinal product intended for short-term use. Namely, it prevents and treats common cold diseases, just like Esberitox and Esberitox COMPACT.

    However, it has a different active ingredient – pressed juice of purple coneflower herb. The product has direct antiviral effects, and it also activates anti-pathogen scavenger cells.

    This is important for dealing with common cold diseases, especially in a short time period. Esberitox mono Tropfen is a product for adults, as well as adolescents older than 12.

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