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Essential Cardio Workout to Get Rid of Belly Fat After Post Pregnancy

    First and foremost, gaining weight post-pregnancy is quite natural and there’s nothing to fret about in such cases. But post-pregnancy, it is quite important to get back into the routine and include various forms of exercises that help in reducing added pregnancy weight.


    If you believe that shedding that extra weight is difficult, be laid-back as our guide will help you feel lighter. There are a few cardio exercises that will let you lose belly fat and you could get back to wearing what you used to before!


    It is also important to let your body get into the routine. Give it 6 to 8 weeks to recover. It is advised that you consult your doctor and take precautions before you decide to follow these exercises. 


    1. Walking

    The easiest exercise that’s quite effective to lose belly fat post-pregnancy is walking. It helps in warming up your body and further, you are prepped for some intense exercises as well.


    Walking gets easier for new moms as many best budget elliptical are available in the market. They don’t need to go out for a walk and can do exercise whenever they feel like!


    Take out at least 30 minutes from your schedule and walk with ease. Gradually, get into the routine of brisk walking. Start slow and then increase the walking time.


    1. Pelvic Exercises

    Pelvic exercises are the best ones to get rid of that extra added weight. It helps tone your tummy and also strengthens your pelvic area. To do this exercise, relax your back on the floor and sleep straight. Make sure your arms are straight down and palms touch the floor. Now, tilt your pelvic area and pull up your buttocks in front as you inhale. 


    Hold the same position for at least three seconds and then go back to the original place. This exercise is quite beneficial and safe to do post-pregnancy.


    1. Relieve Stress By Meditating

    Meditating is not just for a flat belly but also your overall health.  Reliving stress is also quite important and the best way to do is by practicing meditation as it will help you focus better. It releases the negative energy from your body and also improves the quality of your sleep.


    Dedicating 15 minutes of your time to meditation can let you have a peaceful time. Try it out.


    1. Hip Exercise 

    Hip exercises are quite helpful in toning the region near your hip. Not just that, it provides strength to your pelvic and stomach area. 


    For this exercise, firstly, you need to lie down on yoga mat on the floor. Keep your hands straight to your body and then stretch them out. Next, bend your legs and pull them upwards. Then, turn your legs to the left side when your body is on the right side.


    Hold onto this position for at least five seconds and repeat it ten times. Do it on each side alternatively. 


    1. Sit-Ups 

    Sit-ups might look difficult to do but they are the easiest way to lose belly fat and it will help you cut down that extra weight near your stomach. 


    Don’t be rigorous with this workout and start with gentle sit-ups first. When your body is comfortable with this cardio, you can gradually go for more rigorous sit-ups and increase the number of sit-ups too.


    1. Basic Twisting And Stretching Your Body

    Another basic exercise to lose belly fat is to do casual stretching and twisting as this helps in warming up your body too. This process starts the strengthening process for your belly and tones the muscles as well. 


    1. Pilates 

    If you wish to take up cardio that’s fun and also helps in exuviating that extra weight, you can also opt for pilates as this form is known to strengthen your body. Pilates also helps in flexibility. This routine involves includes a series of movements and positions that improve the overall strength of your body. 


    During this exercise, make sure you follow deep breathing method and your body is completely relaxed.


    1. Aerobics Training

    Aerobics is an effective option for women to try out post-pregnancy as it can lead to losing excessive fat. Following a proper routine of aerobic training will not only reduce your weight but also shed excess calories, increasing your metabolism. Take it slow for the first few days with aerobics training and gradually, increase the intensity. Follow this exercise at least three times a week to see effective results. 


    1. Abdominal exercises

    Abdominal exercise like crunches is also one of the ways to reduce belly fat. You can start off slow, without straining your back. Perform this exercise at least 10 times a day and gradually increase the number. Practice this form and reap all its benefits.


    1. Flutter Kicks 

    To do flutter kicks, you need to lie down on the mat and lay your back straight with your hands behind. Now, lift your legs from the ground and make gentle motions in rotations. Flutter kicks help in getting rid of the fat near your belly, calves, and thighs as well.


    1. Swimming

    If you love swimming, don’t miss out on this opportunity to lose weight with this exercise. Swimming helps in toning the body muscles and can also make you feel refreshed. Going swimming three times a week can prove beneficial but do the same only after 6 to 7 weeks of your delivery time. 


    Some important things to remember 

    1. Stay hydrated during all times as you are still breastfeeding and it shouldn’t meddle with your workout routine. Drink plenty of water during this whole process. 
    2. Understandably, you constantly feel the rush to lose weight fast. Steer clear of fad diets or intense workout sessions as it can be dangerous for your health. Remember, following a nutritional diet chart along with simple exercises is the goal.


    Exercising is as important as taking care of your baby. Take a few steps towards healthier and happier living and notice your body come back to its original form with these exercises. Staying fit is the goal!