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Essential Dental Care Tips

    You must be knowledgeable about matters of cosmetic dentistry. Proper dental care improves the quality of your smile. That notwithstanding, it is imperative to find the right partner for your dentistry problems. Maham Siddiqui, DDS, is a Downtown DC cosmetic dentist redefining the terms of cosmetic dentistry. At SPA Dental Group, the dentist and team offer high-class dental services to patients with compassion to make their dentistry experience as comfortable as possible.

    About SPA Dental Group

    SPA Dental Group comprises a highly skilled panel of dedicated practitioners with an unmatched commitment to patient comfort. Over time, the practice has built a reputation for providing exceptional dental care in a welcoming environment.

    You can get quality dentistry care from the luxurious setting of their offices. Their mission is to ascertain that every patient who visits them is adequately pampered and cared for. Following their role of eradicating dental anxiety among patients, SPA Dental Group offers optional nitrous oxide gas, aromatherapy, and oral sedation techniques.

    During longer appointments, every treatment suite is equipped with cozy A-dec patient chairs with pressure mapping to increase comfort.

    Services Available at SPA Dental Group

     Spa Dental Group provides a wide range of top-class dental services such as;

    •       Preventive Care- Prevention is better than trying to cure. The best dental treatment is stopping the issue from occurring. The qualified panel at SPA Dental Group stresses preventive care to help patients maintain healthy smiles.
    •       Emergency Dental Care- Dental emergencies are common to both genders. In the event you need a dental emergency taken care of, Dr. Maham and the team have adequate experience in attending to emergency dental needs to alleviate your discomfort.
    •       Dentures- Are you seeking to replace damaged or missing teeth? At SPA Dental Group, your dedicated service provider offers denture services with unrivaled expertise. Consult them for a fully customized denture treatment.
    •       Teeth Whitening- If you seek to maintain a bright, radiant set of teeth or to enhance your appearance, SPA Dental Group offers professional teeth whitening services to patients as per your aesthetic goals.
    •       Invisalign- Are you worried about misaligned teeth? The team at SPA Dental Group fixes irregular teeth and enhances patients’ smiles with Invisalign®, an alternative to braces to give your dental work a more natural look.
    •       Veneers- Are you scared to smile in front of people? Is it because of dental issues? Dr. Siddiqui is experienced in using veneers to improve the quality of your smile. Veneers can be used to rectify numerous dental flaws such as; broken, chipped, misshapen or discolored teeth.
    •       Periodontal Treatment Specialist- A large number of people suffer from gum disease. If you are suffering from periodontal disease, you can benefit from visiting the SPA Dental Group, where your practitioner ensures your gums are healthy.
    •       Pediatric Dentistry- Are you concerned about the oral health of your kids? Proper oral health requires early dental care. You may ensure your kids develop pretty, healthy smiles by seeking pediatric dentistry from SPA Dental Group.
    •       Wisdom Teeth Removal- Emergence of wisdom teeth may cause problems such as infection or overcrowding, and thus they require extraction. If you witness pain in the back of your mouth or jaw, you may book a professional extraction treatment from SPA Dental Group.

    You should not be ashamed of your smile owing to dental issues. If you are discontent with the quality of your smile, call or book an appointment with SPA Dental Group for a dazzling, radiant smile and improved oral health.