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Essential Information About Modafinil in Drug Screen Tests

    Are you feeling tired all the time, and you cannot help but get a few naps within the day? It sounds terrible, thinking that you cannot finish a task because of this. You might find it hard to concentrate on what you are doing because your eyes are shutting down with your brain. It feels as if you’re being unproductive.


    In the same way, have you ever heard someone tell you that they fell asleep during a seminar or while doing something on the computer? First, you would think that the person is fatigued, but what if the person has a sleeping disorder already and cannot help it. If this is happening to you as well, you must do something about it before it gets any worse. 


    This article discusses the essential facts about modafinil. It explains the different drug screen tests used for it. Also, it enumerates the benefits that you can get from modafinil as well as answers some questions about finding modafinil in your sample. 


    What is modafinil?


    It is a prescription drug, which helps many people who are having problems with their sleeping. It keeps people awake and alert for the time being. It makes the brain function better and contributes to an excellent performance. It also reduces a person’s stress or fatigue. Modafinil is the active component of the Modalert 200


    Modafinil is also called a “smart drug” because of what it can do to the brain. It enhances the brain processes making the person better in analyzing or remembering. It makes working easier for people who are facing complex tasks. Click here to know more about it. 


    Benefits of Using Modafinil



    • It treats people with sleeping disorders.



    Since it keeps people wakeful, people who are suffering from sleeping disorders also use this to keep them awake. The sleeping disorders are the following: obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift word disorder. These sleeping disorders are life-threatening if not treated immediately. It is why most people who are lacking sleep and rest are going after this.



    • It improves your mood.



    Getting enough sleep makes you feel good about yourself. It is enough to keep you on the go and start the day with positivity. Modafinil helps you achieve this. Having a good mood also builds a harmonious relationship with other people. 



    • It enhances your cognitive skills. 



    Your cognitive skills help you process information through thinking, remembering, and analyzing. These are the things that you usually need for work and study. It is why some students and job employees use modafinil to keep them mentally competitive. Visit this link to know more about it.



    • It prevents you from making bad decisions. 



    With the cognitive skills working very well, your performance in work is a lot better. Thus, it brings you more opportunity to weigh down things, especially if you are to make decisions. It puts your concentration in the problem that needs a solution. You get to understand the matter clearly because your brain’s function is at its peak. 



    • It treats ADHD.



    One of its benefits is it helps people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to Danielle Turner, it has a better efficacy over the placebo in treating ADHD symptoms in adults and children. In another study, it reduces the symptoms after two weeks. It also improves the children’s social skills, where it also brings out their positive behaviors. 


    Now that you know the benefits of modafinil let us talk about its testing. 


    You can buy Modafinil online, it is not an illegal drug. However, there are companies, schools, universities, and hospitals that ask for drug testing for their employees, students, and patients. Companies and schools do this to keep their workplace drug free. On the other hand, hospitals check their patient for possible use of drugs. 


    Types of Drug Testing


    Different types of drug testing can detect harmful substances like opiates, cocaine, or marijuana. Please read below to know more about it.



    • Immuno-Assay 



    The first on our list is Immuno-Assay. It is the fastest drug test compared to other testing methods available. However, it can give a false-positive result. It uses antibodies to know if a harmful substance passed inside your body. It can still detect the drug even though it is no longer there. It checks for cocaine or amphetamines. 



    • Gas Chromatography 



    This kind of test vaporizes blood or urine samples. It uses long tubes to keep the samples. Also, it uses UV light to detect the harmful substances. After that, there is a comparison of data collected and banned substances.



    • Mass Spectrometry



    This test is an analytical technique that identifies the compound based on their ratio and mass. The electron lasers ionize all components in the urine and blood samples. It helps in detecting the sample composition. It also uses a magnetic tube where they put the blood or urine samples.  



    • Reagent 



    It is easy to administer because it comes as strips or drops. It uses a compound into a sample. It usually changes color when mixed with urine or blood. The drug test determines whether there is a harmful substance in the sample. However, it cannot tell the complete composition of the urine or blood.


    Now that you know about the different testing methods, let us try to answer the following questions below. 


    Can the drug tests detect modafinil?


    Yes. The modafinil’s half-life is from 12 to 15 hours. It is the duration where the modafinil stays detectable in your body system. The drug tests discussed above can discover traces of modafinil in the urine or blood samples, especially the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry during this period. 


    Should you worry if modafinil is in your sample?


    No. The primary function of modafinil is to fix sleeping problems; it does not necessarily harm people. Also, most employers do not consider this drug a harmful substance like opioids, anabolic steroids, or ecstasy. It is very seldom that drug tests look for it. 


    Modafinil is a very well-known drug that treats sleeping disorders, yet at the same time gives your brain a boost. It is still important to be responsible for taking all the benefits that you get from it. Take the right dosage. Read here to know more about it. 


    Remember always to prioritize your health before anything else. It goes a long way.