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Essential Insights on Hypertension

    Almost half the population of American adults suffers from hypertension. A silent condition that can damage your kidneys, heart, brain, and other organs if left unmanaged. If you are struggling with hypertension in West New York, visit The Doctor’s House professionals for effective diagnosis, recommendations, and medications to lower your blood pressure levels and optimize your overall health.

    What is Hypertension?

    Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a symptomless condition that involves excessive force pressing against your blood vessel walls as blood pumps through. Suppose you neglect managing your blood pressure for a long time, your susceptibility to cardiovascular health conditions increases. Hypertension is significantly risky due to its inability to show symptoms.

    Whenever you visit The Doctor’s House, your practitioner examines your blood pressure as part of a fundamental physical evaluation. If your blood pressure is high, they may assess the type of blood pressure you have.

    Different types of hypertension have other underlying causes.

    ·       Primary Hypertension

    Primary hypertension is a lonesome condition. It spreads gradually over many years without an exact cause of defect attached to it. Conditions like stress, lack of physical activities, and an unhealthy diet all contribute to primary hypertension.

    ·      Secondary Hypertension

    This type develops from an unidentifiable underlying behavior or condition. Several factors such as kidney problems, sleep apnea, illicit drug use, and certain prescription medications may expose you to secondary hypertension.

    Possible Complications of Hypertension

    Absent treatment, hypertension exposes you to various health issues. Most of them can be fatal. The pressure against your arteries and veins walls can damage your organs. Some of the possible complications that can arise from high blood pressure include:

    ·       Dementia

    ·       Stroke

    ·       Cognitive problems

    ·       Heart attack

    ·       Kidney malfunction

    ·       Aneurysm

    ·       Stroke

    ·       Metabolic syndrome

    ·       Vision loss

    ·       Heart failure

    If you continue practicing unhealthy lifestyle factors and manners like drinking, smoking, physical inactivity, and alcohol, your blood pressure worsens. Consequently, this increases your risk of developing the complications above.

    Is Blood Pressure Manageable?

    Your providers at The Doctor’s House expose you to the methods of reducing your blood pressure to prevent its advancement to more severe and less manageable health conditions.

    For secondary hypertension, one of the viable alternatives is managing your underlying cause. If it is due to a drug or medication, your treatment might involve stoppage or replacing the drug. In most cases, you can keep your blood pressure levels in check by adjusting your lifestyle appropriately. The Doctor’s House specialists recommend:

    ·       Regular exercise

    ·       Shedding weight

    ·       Limiting alcohol intake

    ·       Reducing sodium content in your diet

    ·       Smoking cessation

    Blood pressure medications are applicable in some cases. Such drugs include diuretics, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers that can lower your blood pressure in several ways. Your providers at The Doctor’s House may prescribe a combination of low-dose medications that work jointly to manage your hypertension.

    Bottom Line

    Although symptomless, hypertension can bring dire consequences. Thus, if you suspect or consider checking your blood pressure levels, The Doctor’s House experts can give you all the help you need. Call the offices to speak to a compassionate provider, or book conveniently online today.