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Everything About Migraine: What Trigger Pain!

    A migraine is a severe headache that lasts for hours or even days. The pulsing pain of migraine usually starts in one side of the forehead, or around the eyes. Things like bright light, activity, or loud noises make the pain worse. Nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects of a migraine.

    What Causes Migraine?

    Most of the doctors and neurologists believe that migraine cause due to blood vessels and change in blood flow in the brain. Further, it is believed that genetics also play an important role in severe headache pain. If any of your close relatives have or had a migraine, then the chances are high that you may also get this in the future.

    Here is the list of five migraine triggers that you should keep in mind to stay healthy. Have a look!

    Changing Weather

    Weather changes cause imbalances of brain hormones in some people which can lead to a migraine. How much a person’s migraine triggered by weather varies from body to body. Some people with severe migraine are sensitive to one weather condition and others to other weather factors.

    If you are suffering from migraine pains, then the migraine institute helps you with effective treatment.

    Lack Of Sleep Or Oversleeping

    Sleep habits of a person trigger a migraine problem. Several studies show that lack of sleep problems and oversleep causes migraine in people.

    The deep sleep is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters are chemicals that depend upon adequate sleep time. However, poor sleep habits decrease the level of neurotransmitters that become the reason behind migraine.

    Emotional Stress

    Emotional stress often triggers a migraine. When any person is under stress, levels of certain hormones may go up or down in the brain and whole body. Thus, these changes in hormone level give rise to migraine.

    Also, during stressful days, the brain releases certain to combat the situation. The release of these chemicals causes a change in blood flow or blood vessel that leads to migraines.

    Diet Habits

    Eating habits of a person can trigger a migraine. When a person is already in stress and has poor sleep, then a diet combined with all can cause severe migraine attacks. There is not only one food that causes migraine, but even a number of dietary items also become a reason for severe headaches over time.

    If you are habitual of skipping a meal in a day, then you are at high risk of getting a migraine in the future.

    Here is a list of food that triggers migraine attacks.

    • Alcohol
    • Chocolate
    • Caffeine
    • Fried food
    • Soft drinks
    • Ice creams
    • Frozen food
    • Food Dyes
    • Artificial sweetener
    • Cured meats and many more

    When you are suffering from migraine, monitor yourself about which food triggers your pain. If you think a specific food is triggering the migraine attacks, then try to avoid that food item at least for a month.  Also, go for a healthy balanced diet; this will not only save you from severe headaches but also offers many health benefits to you.


    As of now you know about the causes and triggers of migraine, be careful with these. Try to avoid poor diet and sleep to get relief from migraine pains. Also, it is better to visit a doctor even for the minor pain occurs in your head.