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Everything you Need to Know About Dental Phobia and how to Overcome it

    Did you know that some people are so terrified of going to the dentist that they live half of their life without ever visiting one? This fear is known as dental phobia, and it affects close to one-third of the total US population. Fortunately, there are several ways of beating dental phobia; one of those ways is choosing the right dentist. If you have dental phobia and live in or around Illinois, you should visit the South Elgin, IL, Dentists at Pro Dental Care for compassionate and specialized dental treatments.

    Dr. Sharonne Zaks from Australia once received a patient who had glued one of his teeth together for fear of visiting a dentist. She also mentioned seeing patients experience panic attacks, burst into tears, or sweat profusely while sitting in the dentist’s chair. 

    What Causes This Fear? 

    Bad Experiences in the Past

    Research shows that a negative experience in the past can lead to a “conditioned” fear of the dentist. This is where a particularly traumatic experience defines how you perceive future dental visits. So if you have experienced pain or embarrassment during a past visit, you’ll automatically feel that the same will happen again.


    We all know that the media has a way of shaping public opinion. Films and other shows frequently portray dental procedures negatively. This is harmful, especially for gullible kids, causing them to grow up with the fear of visiting a dentist.

    Using Threats

    Parents threaten their children with dental visits as a way to condition their kids to practice good oral hygiene. These kids grow up thinking that going to the dentist is a sort of punishment, causing them to develop anxiety.

    Fear of Pain

    We all hate feeling pain, and the thought of needles and injections creates immense fear. Some people also fear that anesthesia won’t work, so this worsens their phobia. 

    How to Overcome Dental Phobia

    • Identify what exactly causes this fear and try to find solutions for it.
    • Ask one of your friends or family members to accompany you during your dental visit.
    • Do your research and choose the right dentist who is both compassionate and experienced.
    • Add dental visits to your routine so you don’t have to wait until things get worse before booking an appointment.
    • Do not be afraid to ask the dentist for sedation or more reliable anesthesia.

    How Anaesthesia Helps in Overcoming Dental Phobia

    Anesthesia is used to numb your gums before getting an injection. If the dentist uses a topical one, you could ask the doctor to leave it on longer while waiting for it to kick in. Your dentist may also suggest using relative anesthesia where you breathe in laughing gas that mildly sedates you but allows you to remain conscious.

    Note that this does not mean a replacement for the numbing injections. The gas is used to help you feel calm enough to let the dentist commence with the injections.

    IV Sedation

    Your dentist may also recommend IV sedation to relieve your anxiety. The drug is injected into your bloodstream, and it produces a feeling of relaxation. Note that this drug may cause partial or complete memory loss for the period of time that the drug is in your system.

    It’s completely normal to fear going to the dentist. However, this fear can be overcome by following the excellent tips recommended in this article. The best thing is to choose the right dentist, such as the team at Pro Dental Care from Illinois, known for providing exceptional care to all of their patients.