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Everything You Need to Know About Percussive Therapy and Massage Guns

    Lots of people have firsthand experience of such problems as muscle pain, tension, and soreness. Strenuous exercises, physically demanding jobs, and repetitive muscular traumas can negatively affect your quality of life or even render you immobile. If you experience some or all of the aforementioned symptoms, make sure to familiarize yourself with your today’s article, which is concerned with the main benefits of percussive massage therapy. Moreover, you’re going to learn what things you should be paying your attention to when choosing a percussion massager. 

    What is a Percussive Therapy?

    Percussive therapy is deep tissue massage which is performed using special tools called percussion massage guns. The stroke generated that at the massage head penetrates deeply into muscles thus creating neuromuscular responses. In contrast to other massage types, in particular kneading, vibration, and rolling massages that are meant to soothe tension in the top layers of tissues, percussive therapy is called to solve more complex problems. Apart from improving the overall balance for your body and comforting tight muscles, percussion massagers offer relief from strain and inflammation occurring in the deep muscles of the back and trunk. Moreover, percussive therapy is believed to be effective in interrupting the pain signals sent to the brain, which helps to mitigate pain syndrome or ease acute pain.  

    Features to Look For in Percussion Gun Massager 

    Now let’s take a look at the features your ideal massage gun must boast. For more information, kindly refer to in-depth massage gun reviews.   

    First thing first, you need to make sure that the massager you’re picking is lightweight. You definitely don’t want to be holding something really heavy for a long period of time, since it’s going to put a lot of strain on your forearms and wrists. Ideally, your device shouldn’t be heavier than 2 pounds. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the healing power of your massager to the full extent. 

    Second, make sure your massager has a long battery life so that you don’t have to be constantly charging and stopping in between treatments.

    Having a wide choice of attachment heads at your disposal is definitely a plus. You want to make sure you have different attachments heads so that you can treat different parts of the body. You wouldn’t use the same attachment head on the large muscles as you would on the areas such as the Achilles tendon, which is very sensitive.

    Another thing you want to look for is ease of use. The most convenient devices have buttons on the back which allow you to quickly and effortlessly turn your device in or off. Some devices also have “plus” or “minus” signs on the sides wherewith you can increase or decrease the intensity. You’ll be better off if you choose the model that comes with different intensities due to the fact that some muscles require a more aggressive approach than others. Also, pay special attention to your massager’s handle. Ensure that the handle shape and size suit you and that the overall handle design is ergonomic.  

    The Benefits of Percussion Massage Guns 

    Your body receives various stimuli throughout the day. And it’s not a secret that lots of people have to deal with pain, be it chronic or acute, on a daily basis. This pain travels to the brain in a pathway that goes 55 miles an hour. A percussion massage gun can stimulate a faster pathway to your brain, which overrides the pain pathway and thus comfort aching muscles. The rapid movement on your muscles soothes and relieves the tension. The secret is your body simply cannot sustain that tension while it’s being stimulated with percussive therapy. It’s essentially a deep tissue massage during which you won’t feel any pain or discomfort, which is often the case with manual therapy. It’s the deep tissue treatment that promotes circulation and relieves the tension in your body. No matter whether you’re an avid athlete aiming to recover from a grueling workout or an ordinary person occasionally suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, a massage gun is your best bet.

    Moreover, the massagers in question also can be used as warm-up tools. With them, you can forget about less effective foam rollers that can stimulate only superficial fascia layers. Now you can prime your muscles before your workout and thus prevent possible injuries and improve your range of motion. Percussion massage guns are also effective after intense and strenuous exercise. They can help you break up knotted tissue and soothe pulled muscles.