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Experience Relief from Chronic Back Pain – Learn How

    Normal neck pain typically disappears within a week or less. You should seek medical help if your discomfort lasts longer or seems to radiate along your arm to rule out the chances of having a cervical spine injury. Dr. Cy R. Blanco of Florida Pain Management Institute and his skillful team focus on delivering top-notch cervical spine evaluations and creating efficient treatment regimens to correct signs of damage. Call the providers on the phone or book your session conveniently onsite.

    What is Neck Pain?

    Neck discomfort is a frequent problem. Bad posture can strain neck muscles, whether leaning over your monitor or bending down over your workstation. Neck pain is also frequently caused by osteoarthritis.

    Your neck’s bones, ligaments, and muscles support your head and allow it to move. Neck pain or stiffness might be caused by any irregularities, inflammation, or injury.

    Causes of Neck Pain

    Neck pain results from a variety of reasons:

    ·         Injury- The neck is particularly susceptible to damage, particularly in falls, vehicle accidents, and sports, where the muscles and ligaments of the neck are forced to shift outside of their typical range.

    ·         Strain and Muscle Tension- These result from activities and behaviors like bumping your neck during exercise, poor posture, working at a desk for long hours, or inappropriate sleeping position.

    ·         Diseases- Neck pain can result from various conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, and cancer.

    Symptoms of Neck Pain

    Neck pain does not usually appear independently. As such, examining your other symptoms might assist the Florida Pain Management Institute experts in making a diagnosis. You should be aware of how your pain feels and how it affects you daily. Neck ache can have the following symptoms:

    ·         Tenderness

    ·         Muscle spasms

    ·         Referred pain in the arms

    ·         Stiffness

    ·         Sharpness

    ·         Muscle spasms

    ·         Weakness in your hands

    ·         Muscle spasms

    Prevention of Neck Pain

    The majority of neck pain is caused by improper posture as well as age-related wear and tear. Maintaining your head centered over your spine might help prevent neck pain. Simple modifications to your routine may be beneficial. Think about attempting to:

    ·         Taking Regular Breaks- Get up, move around, and extend your neck and shoulders if you travel or work at a computer for long periods.

    ·         Sleeping posture- Your head and neck ought to be in line with the rest of your body. Place a little pillow beneath your neck.

    ·         Adjust your Chair, Desk, and Computer- Ensure the monitor is at eye level. Your knees should also be slightly lower than the hips.

    ·         Avoid Carrying Heavy Luggage on your Shoulder- This weight can cause a strain on your neck, causing pains.


    Treatment for neck discomfort is determined by the diagnosis. In addition to a complete history and physical exam by your doctor, you may require one or more of the following imaging studies and tests to assist your doctor in determining the reason for your neck pain:

    ·         X-rays

    ·         CT scans

    ·         MRI scans

    ·         Blood tests

    Bottom Line

    Do not dismiss recurring neck pain, particularly if it is interfering with your sleep or overall health. Call Florida Pain Management Institute or request an appointment online today to set up a treatment consultation.