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 Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngologist Specialist in New York

    Sometimes people do not change their looks just for cosmetic purposes, but for health reasons too. Thanks to the development of medical technology that has made it possible for these procedures to occur and help people achieve their desired looks. Dr. Matthew W. Shawl is a facial plastic surgeon, ear, nose, and throat specialist in Union Square, New York, committed to providing plastic surgery and otolaryngology services to patients in New York City. The board-certified specialist offers personalized care to his patients, taking his time to listen and understand their needs.

    Dr. Shawl is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the practice he has achieved through his pieces of training in general surgery, otolaryngology – head and neck surgery, and facial plastic surgery. He is also a member of various professional medical organizations that proves his dedication to his career. The highly educated specialist has had many teaching responsibilities that have helped educate other fellow practitioners and improved the knowledge of plastic surgery medicine. Together with his team, they are caring and compassionate to their patients, treating them with kindness and respect to create a comfortable environment for them.

    They treat patients of all ages and from different backgrounds, while their main goal is to meet their patients’ health concerns. Through the use of advanced medical techniques, Dr. Matthew provides effective treatment options to his patients. He is passionate about his work. He strives to provide solutions to patients and improve their lives. They accept primary insurance cover, hence they are convenient to their patients. They offer services such as:


    This health condition causes inflammation and swelling of the area around the nose, eyes, and forehead. It may also cause breathing problems. The otolaryngologist specialist Dr. Shawl understands every detail about sinusitis and its treatment options. Visit their office in New York today or call to schedule your consultation and learn more about its treatment plans.


    It’s a nose surgical procedure usually done for cosmetic purposes and also to help with breathing issues. Dr. Matthew is a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience in carrying out rhinoplasty. Visit them in New York today and get the results you desire.

    Voice issues

    To people whom their career involves good voices, you may need to ensure your voice is at its best. If you have any voice issues, visit the voice specialist, Dr. Shawl, today to get the best assistance you need. Call or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation.

    Botox and fillers

    To help reduce facial lines and wrinkles and restore your youthful look, visit the Botox and Fillers specialist Dr. Shawl today to experience the quality standard care you deserve.

    Dr. Shawl takes pride in helping patients live their best lives by providing safe and effective facial plastic surgery and otolaryngologist treatment plans. Whether it’s for cosmetic purposes or health conditions, he provides comprehensive and attentive care to meet your needs. The highly experienced surgeon with a number of memberships in various organizations that shows his career dedication in improving plastic surgery knowledge and treatment techniques. With his team in New York, they respect every patient’s concern providing them with a comfortable environment. Visit them today in Union Square, New York, to enhance your look.