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Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss: The Ultimate Guide

    The lockdown has not discriminated against anyone these past several months. Quite a few people packed on a few pounds hunkering down at home. 

    No worries. It’s not too late to cut back and slim down. Let’s talk about fat loss vs weight loss. 

    Getting and staying in shape has unlimited benefits on your overall health. You sleep better at night and wake up feeling more productive and energetic. Your mental health improves, reducing risks of illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

    When you lose fat and weight, you feel more confident about your outer appearance. 

    What are the differences between fat loss vs weight loss? They can yield very different results in our health and physique. Check out the differences here.

    Fat Loss

    People try all sorts of things to look thinner. When they’re unsuccessful at diet and exercise they lean on other techniques like lipo and ultrasound cavitation.

    Losing fat has more to do with shedding physical inches and less to do with scale numbers. When you lose fat your body size changes. To maximize fat loss means to get the body in a state of lipolysis.

    Lipolysis is a catabolic process in which body fat breaks down through enzymes and water. This happens in the energy cells found in the muscles, so when you perform exercises that build muscle, you burn more fat. 

    Water Loss

    People often confuse a drastic drop in numbers on the scale with actual weight loss. If you lose 10lbs in one week, attribute it to water loss. 

    Most low-carb diets cause people to lose a lot of water right away. Certain carbohydrates cause water retention in the body. When you minimize your consumption of them, you retain less water.

    The problem is depriving your body of a healthy amount of carbs each day. Sooner or later the muscles dehydrate and shrink causing muscle loss. When you lose muscle you feel weak and sluggish when you exercise.

    Eat a safe amount of carbs—225 to 325 grams based on a 2000 calorie a day diet. 

    Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

    Weight loss is safely shrinking fat mass, muscle mass, and water to a size that your bones mass supports. Losing bodyweight takes time and relies on body proper diet and exercise. 

    In order to achieve weight loss means focusing on fat loss. Fat loss is the building of lean muscle mass which helps the body shed fat. Shedding fat mass leads to weight loss and healthy body weight. 

    You can achieve both with a regular exercise routine and a calorie-deficient diet. Make sure that diet has a balanced blend of protein and carbs.

    Get Fit!

    Fat loss vs weight loss is all about how you eat and how you exercise. Don’t go to the extreme in either direction. Eat proper, build some lean muscle, and watch the fat and numbers disappear. This will help you to get fit: isagenix vs herbalife.

    Interested in a better fitness routine? Check out our workouts and get on your way to a fitter you!