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Feng Shui for a Healthy Life

    Our home is our castle. We spend a large amount of time in there, so it is only natural to want to customize our space as much as possible In doing so, we choose furniture and accessories that bring joy and meaning to our lives. Feng Shui is an integral part of that equation as it is an ancient Chinese art/practice/doctrine/interior design that brings harmony into our lives by working with its principles of balance (Yin Yang) and life forces/energy (Chi). When our space is in disaccord, our health and well-being suffer as our environment can impact us positively or negatively. For example, walking into a bright room that has good energy flow will automatically put a smile on your face and alter your mood, making you feel good and energized. Whereas walking into a dark, dingy, cramped room will make you feel depressed and zap your energy. Feng Shui is an easy and low-cost fix (provided you don’t go overboard and buy all new stuff). Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment and in incorporating nature. Read more to find out how Feng Shui and its principles can improve our health, happiness and well-being.

    Yin and Yang

    This is all about balance. Not only is is crucial to create but also to maintain these opposing sides: one is bright and one is dark; one is feminine and one is masculine; one is soft and one is sharp. Balance is important in our personal lives but also in our environment. The amount of light you use, color you choose for your walls, the accessories you pick, etc. A yin environment is softer and serene, while a yang environment is brighter and more hectic. If you have too much yin in your home you may feel tired and become depressed or if you have too much yang you may feel stressed. Creating the right environment and striking a good balance in your home needs to be also in accordance with your life stages. Older adults gravitate to a yin space while younger individuals prefer yang spaces. If you are feeling tired at home, try sprucing up the color of your walls, inversely if you are stressed out try changing your light bulbs to a lower voltage for softer calming lighting.


    Chi is all about energy or life forces, which flow through you and envelop everything around you. If the energy is allowed to flow freely, happiness and well-being will ensue. Or if the energy gets stuck, you will also feel stuck. Oversized furniture, clutter or unwanted knick-knacks can all create negative energy or prevent the energy from flowing freely. The goal of Feng Shui is to get positive energy flowing in order to revitalize your environment and bring good vibes/health to your life.

    Home, Health and Happiness

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, followed by the bedrooms and the bathrooms. You spend a lot of time in those spaces, so keep them clean and in harmony. The kitchen should be clear of clutter and the surfaces scrubbed clean. Do not have expired food in the fridge and never eat on chipped or cracked plates. The bedroom should be more a yin space with softer colors and feminine touches. Do not have clutter or work in your bedroom. It should be a space for rest and renewal, and perhaps even love. Lastly, bathrooms should be spotless and brightly lit. If you don’t have any windows to allow for air flow or natural light, make sure you can place mirrors on walls to reflect more light. In the rest of your house, place furniture in a way that allows for easy movement and subtle air flow, bring in plants for extra oxygen or other wood elements for serenity and nature. All of which incorporate the basic principles of Feng Shui and keep you in good health and promote well-being. Throw out any dead/dried or artificial plants, these will only create dust that will trap Chi.

    The Bottom Line

    Creating a healthier, happier environment at home is not difficult and should not be expensive. Making a few small changes is all that is needed: rearranging furniture, opening windows to let in natural light and air, decluttering and cleaning dust are just a few examples that will greatly impact on your mood, health and well-being.


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