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FFP2 Mask Best Protection From Viruses, Dust and Bacteria

    First of all, it should be noted that the ffp2 face mask helps to keep workers protected against airborne particles such as dust and powders. They are essential for everyone in industries such as agricultural, construction, pharmaceutical, and other medical-related industries. 


    Notwithstanding, several masks offer different levels of protection. Therefore it is better to look for the right level of protection for your niche or industry. 


    Global Standards Ratings For Face Masks


    The EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 has three standards for dust masks ratings which are:


    • FFP1
    • FFP2
    • FFP3


    We will talk more about FFP1 and FFP2 ratings in the latter part of this article. However, it should be noted that you can buy these masks, especially if you want to buy FFP2 face mask wholesale price for your big order, then buy the mask directly from the mask manufacturer at an affordable price.


    COVID-19 Update And How To Protect Yourself With The FFP2 Mask respirator


    The virus, COVID-19, is a respiratory infection that has similar symptoms with the common cold. This virus affects mostly older adults, young children, and individuals that are already sick before. Due to the rate at which the virus is being spread, it is advised to have proper respiratory protection. Coronavirus moves from one person to another through sneezing, coughing, passing on particles of the virus through air. Two secured masks are recommended for preventing this infection from being passed on. 


    FFP2 Face Mask: Protecting Yourself Using The Right Gear


    Surgical masks are recommended for individuals that are already with the virus. However, respiratory masks such as the FFP3 and FFP2 face masks are best for keeping oneself safe and protected from the trending virus. It is also recommended for healthcare professionals who are not having the virus. It protects them from catching the virus even when close to individuals with the symptom. 


    Quality Differences Between FFP1 & FFP2



    • FFP1 Face Masks



    This is best for drilling, sanding and cutting dust protection only. The FFP1 face mask has low-level protection against dust and aerosol; solid and liquid ones. They are not suitable for protection against viruses and bacteria. Also, they can only protect against materials that are in concentrations of about 4x occupational exposure limit or assigned protection factor.



    • FFP2 Face Masks



    This face mask respirator is the best for virus protection. The FFP2 face mask protects against moderate levels of solid, liquid aerosols and dust. They have a higher level of protection than the FFP1 face masks. The FFP2 face mask can protect against materials that are about 12x occupational exposure limit and 4x assigned protection factor. 


    Furthermore, the FFP2 face masks are recommended for sanding and plastering. They are also recommended for healthcare professionals, agricultural and construction industries for protection against influenza viruses. Presently, they are being used as protection against the coronavirus. The safety quality standard of FFP2 is far higher than that of the FFP1. Hence the recommended and increased usage of FFP2 face masks.


    Guide To Using Face Mask Quality Ratings


    Before buying face masks for your workers, it is best to consider the level and type of contaminants they are open to as soon as this has been evaluated before the next step can be taken. The next step after the evaluation is to find out the face mask to buy based on their FFP ratings. The face mask to consider should be the one that meets up with the right FFP ratings, comfortable and convenient for your employees.




    Using the FFP ratings will help you decide what is best for your workplace. However, those in health sectors and other industries where they are easily exposed to high contaminants should go for the FFP2 face masks. It has better protection ratings and can be purchased in bulk at a cheap cost.