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Figure Skaters in Tik-Tok: forbidden elements, dances with Buzova and millions of views

    In instagram, figure skaters have got used to it for a long time. The main stars of Russian figure skating in recent years, Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva, have more than 1.6 million subscribers for two, and the Korean queen Yuna Kim has more than 600 thousand. Only Japanese legend Yuzuru Hanyu could have more, but he does not officially have any social media.

    Tik-Tok is another matter. This fashionable social network is just beginning to recognize the skaters, but it seems that it has already managed to fall in love with them. Many famous athletes have accounts on Tik-Tok, and some of them are breaking records for tiktok likes and followers, the main internet currency of 2020.

    Match TV has collected a rating of the most popular figure skaters in Tik-Tok, and the results surprised us.

    10th place. Alina Zagitova

    It is unusual to see the Olympic champion, world and European champion Alina Zagitova not in the first places of any ratings, but the symbolic tenth place here can be explained by the fact that she came to Tik-Tok recently – the first video, as well as the announcement of a new account on her official instagram, appeared in the end of November.

    It is interesting that in the profile description, the champion of everything and the ambassador of several top brands at once introduced herself very modestly: “Hello, I’m Alina!”

    Dancing with Olga Buzova in a joint show project, high pair support, new manicure and the search for New Year’s mood at the Christmas tree on Red Square – Zagitova tries herself in different roles. The most popular video at the moment is the make-up transformation.

    9th place. Igor Eremenko

    Igor Eremenko performs in ice dancing paired with Sophia Shevchenko. Their highest achievement so far is bronze at the World Junior Championships.

    Like many skaters, Eremenko began to lead his Tik-Tok during quarantine. He has relatively few videos and has not had updates for a long time, but the video with the theatrical return to the ice of Novogorsk after quarantine, filmed in a duet with Ivan Bukin, has collected almost 250 thousand views with an average of 1,000. The account consists almost entirely of dancing and figure skating.

    8th place. Alexey Yagudin

    Olympic champion and world champion Alexei Yagudin is known as a creative person who gushes with ideas. This quality fits perfectly into the specifics of Tik-Tok – there is no figure skating in Yagudin’s account, but there are many short funny videos with Alexei himself in the title role.

    The spring quarantine gave people many reasons to joke about themselves, so as not to go crazy, then Yagudin made several popular videos. In the top – the voice acting of a scene from the short story “Partner” of the film “Operation Y” and other adventures of Shurik. “Who wants to work today?” – Alexey recorded it when all his projects in the show, on television and in the theater were suspended due to quarantine and there was literally no work. At the moment, users have watched the video 420 thousand times.

    7th place. Adeline Sotnikova

    The account of Sochi Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova has a lot of videos on various topics – figure skating, trying on dresses, home workouts and dancing – from a choreographic hall to a supermarket with a trolley. But the most popular video is a short fashion show in Moscow at night, ending with an air kiss. The secret is simple – a shiny trouser suit and Loboda’s musical accompaniment “All people are like people, and I am a superstar.” He has already collected almost a million views.

    6th place. Igor Reznichenko

    Figure skater Igor Reznichenko was born in Dnepropetrovsk and represents Poland in competitions. He participated in the world championships three times, never rose above 29th place, and his Tik-Tok account consists entirely of figure skating. And the audience seems to like it – improvisation on the ice, funny falls and various tricks brought him a symbolic sixth place in our rating. Reznichenko’s most popular video is a back flip, which is called a backflip in figure skating. Almost half a million people have already watched the element prohibited in competitive practice.

    5th place. Camden Pulkinen

    The highest achievement of the 20-year-old American skater Camden Pulkinen is 11th place in the championship of four continents so far. His Tik-Tok account is built around figure skating – here’s a triple axel, fans throw Winnie-the-Pooh on ice after Yuzuru Hanyu’s performance, but Pulkinen himself rides a skateboard right in his skates. At the same time, the videos have a fairly even statistics of views above the average for the existing audience, and the most popular video is irony over oneself with several terrifying falls after jumping.

    4th place. Nadezhda Sergeeva

    Nadezhda Sergeeva is a participant in Russian competitions, training at the Moskvich school, and an artist of ice shows. She is not very well known as a figure skater, even at the national level, but Tik-Tok users fell in love with her. Nadezhda shoots dances with her friends, various trends and, of course, herself on the ice. There was also a place for a dramatic video about the expectation-reality of a career in figure skating. Falls, injuries, bone fractures and training at six in the morning instead of a holiday, fireworks awards and adoration of the public.

    Nevertheless, the most popular video by Sergeeva is a beautiful rotation in the reverse propeller on an open rink. More than 800 thousand views with less than 8 thousand subscribers – this means that the video successfully and deservedly got into the “recommended”.

    3rd place. Evgeni Plushenko

    Tik-Tok Evgeni Plushenko is an opportunity to see the famous athlete and novice coach from the other side. He tries himself as an actor in short videos with a plot, takes pictures of his son and wife and dances to the song “Moscow” against the background of a red sports car. The most popular video (almost 2 million views) – with voice acting from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh on the quarantine topic of the day. Yana Rudkovskaya “sneezes”, Yevgeny puts her with her things out the door and dances contentedly, having treated her hands with a sanitizer.

    2nd place. Elizaveta Nugumanova

    Elizaveta Nugumanova is a true toiler of Tik-Tok and an example of how a smile and regular updates work wonders. Her account has existed since 2018, but Elizabeth began to actively maintain it in the spring of 2020, and during this time she really moved forward with views and likes. She can be called the most popular acting figure skater in Tik Tok. She, in general, just does what she can, films it and puts on music – she skates, rotates in a twine, dances and smiles. Then viewers and social media algorithms come into play. Some of Nugumanova’s videos do not stand out in popularity, but, for example, a short improvisation on the ice of an empty Megasport during a rehearsal of demonstration performances garnered almost 1.6 million views. Recently, Elizabeth celebrated overcoming the milestone of 50 thousand followers tik tok, and even surpassed Evgeni Plushenko in likes.

    1st place. Vasilisa Davankova

    In the case of the bronze medalist of the World Junior Championships, Vasilisa Davankova, the likes in Tik-Tok go to tens of millions, so she is in the lead in our rating without options. In fact, few of the army of subscribers associate Vasilisa with figure skating, and you will hardly find him in her tape. As a blogger, she has advanced thanks to the popular genres of beautiful slowmo and challenges of varying degrees of injury risk. For example, almost 2 million people watched how terribly a girl fell from a high barrel to the ground – an assistant pulled the barrel out from under her feet. “I’m alive, what if!” – this is how Davankova signed her video.