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Find Urinary Tract Support in 1 Easy Step with a Drink-Mix Solution

    Are you tired of getting painful UTIs?  Get ready to Kiss That UTI Goodbye with the long-awaited urinary tract support product by Busy Beauti.  For many women, UTIs – urinary tract infections – mean hours at the doctor’s office, system-crippling antibiotic cycles and a lot of stress.  Finding a natural way to handle UTIs and prevent them before they start was the dream.  Busy Beauti is a female owned and operated company that has done just that, all in 1 perfect drink-mix packet. Lose weight with gnc lean shakes review.

    UTIs are the second most common infection in the United States and over 60% of females will experience at least 1 UTI in her lifetime, yet the company notes innovation in the urinary health space has been slow.  Busy Beauti’s commitment to help women along this journey comes from the current lack of support and attention this area of women’s health deserves, along with the mission of providing women access to natural products to combat drug-resistant germs.  Many in the company’s customer base has found this to be true as they experienced an antibiotic resistance over time and needed an alternative solution.  This led Busy Beauti to develop supplements for UTI sufferers backed by science.

    According to the National Kidney Foundation, Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria is responsible for 80-90% of UTIs.  The company has formulated a powerful combination of vitamins and carbohydrates shown to assist against E. coli caused UTIs, including D-Mannose, to take regularly or after high-risk activities such as sex, exercise, bathing, swimming, dehydration, travel, and more.  Each stick-pack flushes UTI-causing bacteria from your tract (without eradicating good bacteria, like antibiotics do!), encourages urination, boosts immunity and most importantly prevents harmful bacteria from binding to the wall of your urethra. 

    The UTI relief drink-mix is currently available in quantities of 15, 30 or 90 individual stick packs for discretion in your office or convenient travel.  The product is also flavorless and can be added to any of your favorite hydrating drinks from sparkling waters to coffee without compromising on taste.  Ladies, rejoice!  Peace of mind in a packet is here to stay.