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First Time Skiing? Here’s What to Wear and Bring!

    Look good and feel good on your first time skiing the fluffy white stuff. We have you covered with the essentials to stay warm and stay safe!

    Flying down mountains, whizzing through snowy forests, and sipping glühwein in the après bar, skiing is the most fun you can have. If this is your first time skiing though, you might not know what to take. 

    You’ll rent your skis and boots from your resort but there are some essentials you’ll need to bring. Keep reading for our super simple round-up of what to take on your first skiing adventure. 

    Ski Clothing Basics

    You might think that ski clothing is all about staying warm but actually, this sport gets you surprisingly hot. Skiing is intense and you don’t want to be sweaty when you get to the bottom of the slope. If you are, you’ll cool down on the way up and get a chill. 

    Ski Jacket

    Choose a ski jacket that’s lightly insulated with underarm zipper vents. Light insulation means you can layer up underneath on colder days and stay cool on warmer days. 

    Ski Trousers

    Find a funky pair of ski trousers that you can easily move in as you don’t want to feel restricted. Make sure the bottoms are wide enough to go over ski boots, no skinny styles here, you don’t want snow going down your boots. 

    Base Layers

    You’ll need some breathable base layers with sweat-wicking capabilities. Merino wool is a great fabric as it regulates your temperature, absorbs sweat, and doesn’t smell. Long sleeve base layer tops and leggings are a good match. 

    Ski Socks

    Take enough ski socks for a pair every day plus a few extra. Your feet may well get hot and sweaty and no one likes stinky socks. Merino socks are great for limiting sweat and letting your feet breathe. 

    Ski Equipment and Accessories

    Once you’ve sorted your outfit, there are a few other things to think about. 


    Skiing is fun but it can be dangerous and head injuries are one of the biggest risks. Get yourself a helmet and don’t ski in areas you’re not comfortable with. As on-point as all JVN quotes, remember to “not write checks that you cannot cash”. 


    Sunglasses are for après ski but when you’re on the slopes, it’s goggles you’ll need. Always try them on and opt for changeable lenses. This means you can swap out your lenses depending on the sunshine and cloud cover. 


    Get thick, insulated gloves and silk or merino glove liners. This double layer means you can take a glove off to use your camera without having bare hands. 

    Easily Forgettable Essentials

    If it’s your first time skiing, there are a few things that you’ll need that are easy to forget but a pain to not have. 

    SPF 50+ Lip Balm

    UV light reflects off snow and can double your exposure so sun protection is essential. Your lips have the thinnest skin on your body and without SPF 50+ lip balm, you’ll be in pain after a few hours. 


    Mountain air is so dry that without moisturizer you’ll be begging everyone for theirs. Take a little pot and you’ll be thankful. 

    Make Your First Time Skiing the Best Vacation Ever

    There is no better vacation than a ski trip and you’re going to wonder how you’ve left it this long to go. With this simple list, you’ll be well-prepared to hit the slopes for your first time skiing. 

    Follow us for more easy travel tips and have a blast on your first ski trip!