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Fitness Goals For a Longer-lasting Change- Here’s How to Get Started

    What is the first thing you do when starting a new project? 

    • Find information about the project in detail.
    • Understand the guidelines.
    • Devise a plan or a roadmap.
    • Execute the plan.
    • Deliver the project.

    Isn’t it? But why is that when you start thinking about your fitness, you start with the execution without actually creating a plan. Having said that, there are a few fitness goals that are usually common among many people. What are these?

    Let’s find out now!

    Factors That Make People Inclined Towards Fitness Regime

    While the goals might be similar, the reasons that people decide to exercise are usually different. Precisely why people often look for a personal trainer to help them with their fitness goals. 

    Then again, what are the reasons that we’ve time and again mentioned before? Please scroll down and learn more about them.

    • The Desire to Lose Fat– This is primarily the goal of every individual to set his/her fitness goals. They wish to lose the extra fat that’s bulging out in different areas.
    • The Aim to Build Muscles- Some people don’t choose a fitness regime because of weight problems. Instead, they wish to build muscles for a better personality. So, they often switch to challenging lifts, long sessions and increase their protein intake. 
    • The Idea is to Enhance Endurance- Many people get winded with only a few rounds of stairs. So, they end up working out to increase their endurance. Such individuals often choose high-intensity workouts that help them improve their heart rate and stick to it. 
    • The Thought is Transform The Body’s Flexibility- For this particular option, turning to personal trainers is the best option. They will evaluate your current stats and help you devise a plan that’s suitable for your body. 

    Other than the reasons mentioned above, various individuals are looking for toning their bodies. They are like in between the ones who wish to build muscles and the ones with weight issues. They tend to stick to exercise patterns and eating habits. 

    But then the question arises:

    How to Achieve Your Goals?

    You know the why’s and how’s of your fitness goals. But setting your goals doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll achieve them. Don’t think we’re trying to belittle you! We want to emphasize the fact that if you are not using a particular roadmap, you would eventually lose interest. 

    Although a personal trainer will help you structure your routines, here are some of the elements that will always be the foundation to achieve your goals. Let’s start!

    Don’t Try Too Much at One Time

    People often take on several tasks when starting their fitness journey. But that’s not the right way to go about it. It’s like you wish to hit the gym alongside cutting down on sugar and simultaneously get those eight hours of sleep, all at the same time. With so much in their kitty, people often get anxious, and if they fail at one or more tasks, they start thinking of themselves as a failure. 

    Eventually, all of this makes you go away from your fitness goals. So, start with picking one goal at a time, crush it, and channel your energy to achieve other goals. 

    Make Your Own Fitness Goals

    It is pretty easy to feel envy of the people who inspire you. But if you start basing your goals based on what they are achieving, it won’t be practical on your part. C’mon, be honest, can you run a marathon or do 100 pushups? They put in years of hard work to achieve that. Plus, their goals might not even be synonymous with what you want. 

    So, try and set realistic goals for yourself, keeping your body in mind. It will keep you motivated until you achieve yours. 

    Be Smart and Measure Your Goals 

    If you don’t measure, how will you know whether you’re heading in the right direction? This is why tracking your progress is important. For instance, let’s say you started with ten pushups and wish to increase it in a time-bound manner. This will help you analyze your progress, and if at all, you lack anywhere. 

    Experts always suggest being specific and often restricting yourself to time-bound goals to track your progress. 

    Start Low and Gradually Increase Your Bar

    If you wish to attain something, you must not make yourself do something that’s not possible initially. So, set your bar low and achieve it. Once you do that, you can easily push yourself to do more. That way, your body won’t feel exhausted and will adapt gradually to new exercise regimes quickly. 

    Stick to Your Routine 

    Once everything falls into place, the next thing is to follow your plan, irrespective of the circumstances. If you develop a routine and be accountable for it, you’ll achieve your goals easily. 

    If there is a lag, you can always find something that motivates you to be better of yourself. But make sure you must be aware of the fact that you’re doing all this for yourself. Finally, if you achieved something, make sure to reward yourself. After all, you can have a cheat day once you achieve one milestone. 

    All in all, it’s about celebrating achievements. 

    Wrapping up

    Setting relevant fitness goals or creating healthier habits is not an easy task. But if you are quite strict about it, it might make you feel anxious. Remember, there are many reasons, such as family emergencies, falling sick, and others that might feel like wrecking your plan. But, that’s not true. 

    Just keep on working towards your goals, and be flexible in your plans, and you’ll surely succeed in achieving your goals. Remember, the hardest part is making it a consistent habit. Make sure to stick to it. The idea is to integrate the fitness plan into your lifestyle. If you achieve that, then nothing else will matter. Isn’t it?

    So, what are your plans? How are you planning your fitness goals this year? Did you achieve any of your milestones? Share your success stories.