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Five Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Treatment

    The perils of world are increasing with the measures that are being taken against these perils. The more we work towards the betterment of the world, the more threats we attract to the safety and wellbeing of our people. Look at the field of biology and human beings, and the studies made about their bodies. We learn a million ways to cope with our problems (health problems) and combat these threats but there are problems that we are struggling to cure. And a major issue among these is: substance abuse. More and more people show up in the rehabs and at clinics every day and they suffer from substance abuse and use of vapes, get more information. More often than not, it’s the upset family that drags the junkie to doctor’s door in a desperate attempt to bring them back to life.

    What’s even worse is that a large number of these drug addicts are very young folks. And by young I mean kids in their teens. This raging problem needs to be addressed and despite the efforts of government and settlement of private rehabs across the globe, this problem persists. Part of the reason is that not all the rehab provide with quality care and service that can lead an addict to breaking the addiction. Most of the rehab workers that I come across now are not even that passionate about the job anymore. This expresses a serious concern as it is evident that mostly people turn to substance abuse when they cannot find a way to cure it, or get rid of it.

    People start consuming drugs mostly because of some sort of depression. I have got a lot of friends who consume drugs for recreational purposes however, not all of them have become a junkie, because they are not hopeless towards life. A pattern that I have come to observe in junkies is that they were primarily depressed, before they even started consuming drugs.

    Looking at the therapies, there are few techniques that can be applied to help a substance addict get rid of this condition. One of them is yoga, so let’s quickly go through the benefits of adopting yoga when someone is a drug addict.



    • Get A Stronger Body


    Yoga is bound to give you a body that you will feel proud to have, you can mark my words. The deal about yoga is that it provides your muscles with a much needed stretching. People who practice yoga on a regular basis have reportedly carved a much better body than those who stick to a conventional exercises regimen executed for a similar time period. Therefore, yoga is much recommended for your physical health. Another advantage of practicing yoga regularly is that strengthens you within, it means that it strengthens your organs. So it is highly advised that if you are dealing with a case of substance abuse opt for yoga.



    • Get Strong Mentally


    Yoga is not merely a physical exercise, it taps deeper into your psyche and helps rid your mind of extra thoughts. It is a combination of better physical workout and meditation. This means that yoga plays an important role in regulating your health both physically and mentally, all this meditating leads to a person’s spiritual wellbeing. It helps with thinking on more positive notes and increases your self-awareness.



    • Endorphins Supply


    The hormones that are triggered by getting high are essentially the happiness hormones. In order to get off the drugs you need to have some kind of support, yoga does that for you. Yoga is known to have provided people with their requisite supply of endorphins that is necessary. It helps them function in a better way. People who have joined rehabs and started practicing yoga have reported to feel happier than those who have joined rehabs and not practiced yoga.



    • Keeps your Attention Diverted


    Yoga is known to have had a positive impact on people in a sense that it tends to keep their attention diverted towards more positive thing. If you have a yoga class to attend, you’re likely to be motivated towards taking your classes and you won’t be thinking about taking your drugs. Also, joining a yoga class would lead you to making new friends who will keep you from falling into bad habits. Getting active is great for your health and yoga is the best way to do it.



    • Light Up The Beacon


    It doesn’t have to end there; you know practicing yoga is great for your health so you can opt to get on with this decision. But it can also lead you to helping others. You can help your friends who are a victim of substance abuse and it can lead you to forming a community full of healthy people who are not addicted.

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