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Following Fitness Gurus On YouTube: Is It Helping Or Hurting Your Health Goals?

    We all know that YouTube is an excellent platform to make money online, right? That tells you that you should expect to see people of all kinds trying to make money through every means they can in that platform. Take, for example, the fitness niche.

    Most people who are offering advice are no experts. But why do people call them “Fitness gurus?” The co-factor is that they have a significant number of people following them.

    The fact that they are not qualified makes them give people the wrong advice which leads many to trouble. On the other hand, they also give contradicting information that leaves viewers without a stable ground to stand on.

    So, as much there are a few fitness gurus on YouTube that are helping people achieve their health goals, most YouTubers who are calling themselves gurus are offering rotten advice.

    See this….


    • They Have Little No Qualification


    You will be shocked to learn that most of the people you call fitness gurus do not have any higher education on fitness. But since they want to make money, they just create YouTube accounts. And since most people do not know that it is possible to buy followers from recognized websites for instance, Social10x, they go ahead to pay for those services.

    Within a day or two, they have more than 500, 1000, or 2500 followers depending on the amount of money they pay for that service.

    So, when you see a new “Guru” on YouTube today with only ten followers, and tomorrow they have a whopping 1000 followers, don’t get surprised. You got the answer.

    “But they give the right feedback whenever people ask them questions.” You say. Well, I thought you should know that it is easy to offer the right advice because anyone can get such information from Google and give you feedback which is perfect within a twinkle of an eye.


    • They Offer Contradicting Information


    Some of the information you find on YouTube is confusing. You see, if you post daily on YouTube, you get chances to earn more especially if you have a good number of people following you, right?

    Who doesn’t want money? The desire to post daily to earn money is driving most YouTube account owners crazy. That is why; many people are posting information that is not correct.

    Let me give you an example. I once saw a post giving tips on how to stay healthy. The person whom I had assumed was an expert had told people to pour a certain liquid in the ears to keep them clean. In the comments section, one Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist warned people against adding that liquid to their ears, and told them that they would lose hearing as soon as the liquid gets inside the ear. You see? People following YouTube fitness gurus end up getting hurt instead of benefits.


    • They Only Say About The Best Side


    Previously in this article, I have said that most people who are creating YouTube accounts are after money. So, they will not care about you as much as they care about money and themselves. That’s too bad. They are the kinds who paint a tomb white as if there is no rotten body in there, right?

    Look at this way. Someone has the guts to tell you to use certain pills so that you gain six packs. The person tells you all the advantages that you’ll get from using those pills of which much of it’s gaining the six packs.

    However, the person does not tell you the cons that come with using those pills especially if you have any chronic disease. What follow is regular visits to the doctor. And because you do not think the tablets are the cause of the trouble you are going through, you do not tell the doctor about them.

    So, with your desire to gain six packs, when you get home after treatment, you continue taking the pills. See, chances of losing life are high.


    Up To You

    It is okay to follow anyone you want on YouTube, to download those videos, and to listen to them. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that not all people with a significant number of followers are indeed experts. So, as you heed advice, be careful. Article to read: How to Buy Real Instagram Followers in 2020 – Influencive

    On the other hand, as much as anyone wants to gain money from YouTube, providing correct information should be the priority.