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Foods that Help Fight Inflammatory Back Pain

    80% of adults worldwide experience inflammatory back pain at some point in their lives. It is one of the world’s leading causes of disability and prevents many people from being able to work or participate in leisure activities.

    And while things like ibuprofen and chiropractors are always an option – some people may prefer to take a more natural route to deal with their back pain. But is that an option?

    Luckily, it is! An anti-inflammatory diet can help fight inflammation and control your back pain. Read on to figure out exactly what you should be eating to control your pain.

    What Is An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

    First of all, it’s not a specific diet (like keto, for example) but rather a style of eating. It’s going to involve some lifestyle changes and probably some new foods in your fridge.

    If you’re trying to fight inflammatory back pain, you’re going to want to avoid things like refined carbohydrates, fried foods, red meats, and soda. Oh, and you’re going to want to skip the after-work drinks. These things worsen inflammation and will make your pain worse.

    Instead, you’re going to want to stock your home with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and fatty fish. What you’re looking to do is pack your diet with foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, spices, whole grains, and lean protein. 

    Do this and you’ll be well on your way to using natural remedies to fight your inflammatory back pain.

    What Foods Help Fight Inflammatory Back Pain?

    For starters, when looking to fight inflammatory back pain, you’re going to want to take a look at different therapies. For example, consider NeuFit, a form of neuromuscular therapy used to help fight different kinds of pain.

    But you’re going to want to use these therapies in conjunction with diet changes. Put these two together and you’ll have a fighting chance against your inflammation and pain.


    Studies have found that ginger works just as well as ibuprofen at fighting inflammation and pain. You can get it in over-the-counter pills or eat it in your food – but, either way, it’s going to help you fight inflammation.


    You want to focus on fatty fish, specifically ones rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For example. salmon, tuna, and trout (among others) are all options that will help fight inflammation. 

    Fruits & Veggies

    Turns out, you really should listen to mom and eat your fruits and veggies. Carrots, beets, berries, watermelon, spinach, kale – you have lots of options to help fight your back pain. The more colorful the better, according to experts – so look for those deep greens, reds, and blues.


    Finally, you’re going to want to spice your food generously. Basil, oregano, cinnamon, garlic, and rosemary are all great options for helping to fight inflammatory back pain as they all carry anti-inflammatory agents.

    Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

    Vitamin D and calcium are vital in the fight against inflammation and pain aucasinosonline. You want to focus on calcium that comes from natural sources and foods, eating things like yogurt, cheese, and milk. And, once again, those nice green vegetables.

    But make sure you don’t get too much calcium! This can cause heart problems and bone fractures. And that’s definitely something you want to avoid.

    Back Pain Be Gone

    Just because you have anti-inflammatory back pain doesn’t mean you have to spend your life popping ibuprofen and other drugs. Instead, you can focus on changing your diet to help fight it.

    If you’re eating right, back pain doesn’t have to ruin your life or keep you from work or fun. Just change up your diet and you’ll be on the right track.

    Stick around on our site to figure out other ways to fight back pain and keep yourself feeling good.