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Foods You Should Have for a Better Memory

    With ever population, people have become quite competitive. Whether it is workplace or an educational institute, people want to give their best in order to get the best. With the world turning so competitive, we all are put through the situation wherein we have to complete that one assignment or study for the exams throughout night.

    Upon constantly losing on sleep, our brain functions, like thinking, decision-making, remembering, etc. start getting weaker. This is when we say our brain needs to enough of all the compounds that help the brain in retaining memory. All the hard work would go in vain if you fail to remember what you have been learning. Having foods that increase memory on a regular basis would help you retain information in a better way. With that being said, here’s a list of foods that are good for the memory.


    Avocado is one of the power fruits that contain folate and vitamin k. Both these help in preventing the formation of blood clots in the brain. Blood clots are one of the reasons why people have a stroke. Besides preventing blood clots, these two elements also enhance memory. In order for the brain to be able to retain all the information, it needs enough amounts of proteins. Avocadoes contain a high amount of protein with very low sugar content. Avocadoes can be made a part of salad, smoothie, and much more for a tasty meal with great nutritional benefits.

    Coconut oil

    If you are thinking of cooking your food in the kind of oil that would help you take care of your brain and improve memory, coconut oil can be a great option. Coconut oil has for long been used for various reasons. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping the brain healthy. Besides this, coconut oil can also help by fighting the chances of memory loss or memory related issues as you age. All you have to do to have the goodness of coconut oil in your food is use a little amount of it when you cook your meal. Since coconut oil is good for the gut as well, using it for cooking would be a great idea.

    Green vegetables

    Having green, leafy vegetables on a daily basis is beneficial on different levels. Coming to the very benefit that we are all interested in, leafy vegetables can enhance brain health and prevent the deterioration of mental functions. Various researches suggest that people who have green vegetables on a daily basis (one serving in a day at least) encounter a slower deterioration of mental functions; especially memory loss. You can add green vegetables to your salad or even make a detox smoothie out of a number of green vegetables. Having spinach, kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, etc. should be a mandatory part of your diet. In doing so, your brain would be healthy and function without a problem for longer years.


    Turmeric, one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plant has been used for various therapeutic reasons since time immemorable. Turmeric is the ultimate anti-inflammatory agent, with anti-oxidizing properties present in it as well. The most significant compound present in turmeric, called curcumin helps great deal. It gives turmeric the bright, vibrant yellow hue. With the help of turmeric, your brain receives the right amount of oxygen. This in turn keeps you alert and focused for longer periods, helping you retain information better. Since turmeric has a nice yellow color, you can add it to food to make the food look more colorful and enticing. Whether you make curry or omelet, you can add a pinch of turmeric to it. All you need is that much. People even have turmeric tea or add a pinch of it to milk and have it before going to bed.


    Beets are known to be one of the healthiest vegetables. Beets can help reduce inflammation fight stress by invading toxins in the brain cells. In turn, you would be able to focus better in whatever task is in your hand and remember things more easily. If you wonder how to consume beets like many people who hate them, it would be a good idea to have roasted beets as a part of salad. Also, you can add cheese and cream to beets to make them taste better.

    These are some of the super foods that can help your brain function healthy and retain all the information for a good memory. It is quite important to start taking care of your brain health early on, so that as you age, your brain would be immune to memory related issues and have the least chances of encountering mental disorders, like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Once you encounter such issues, it would become terribly hard to take care of them and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus, prevention would always be better than cure.