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Foot Conditions That Require You to Visit a Nearby Podiatrist in Mission Viejo, CA

    Acute or chronic foot problems, all need to be evaluated by experienced and certified foot doctors called a podiatrist. Whether you have suffered an injury to the foot or you are suffering from arthritis pain in your ankle, you must not ignore your pain as this can have serious implications on your health.

    Dr. Han Nguyen at Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates located in Mission Viejo, CA, specializes in the surgical and conservative treatment of all types of foot problems. They also provide orthotic care to improve the functional ability of their patients while performing regular activities. Their annual diabetic care program is a must for everyone who is at higher risk of developing diabetic neuropathy, which increases the patient’s risk of developing a very severe infection of the foot. 

    Food conditions that need podiatric intervention

    Some foot pain is common if you have recently started any new activity like running or jogging. However, prolonged pain or pain that makes performing regular tasks difficult must be evaluated. Some conditions that should be seen by your foot doctor in Mission Viejo, CA to examine the need for treatment are:

    1. An ingrown nail that is causing pain and has developed infection should be seen and removed, if necessary. 
    2. Fungal infections like Athlete’s foot are fast-spreading infections and should be medically treated either with oral drugs or ointments or both. 
    3. Arthritis pain can worsen if not treated on time. Although arthritis is not entirely curable, symptomatic treatment can be provided by your podiatrist. 
    4. Surgical intervention can also help with arthritis. Many podiatry clinics also use stem cell therapy for treating certain forms of arthritis. 
    5. If you have flat feet, you need specialized orthotics to prevent discomfort. 
    6. Diabetes neuropathy is the major cause of non-healing wounds and ulcers that develop on the foot. 
    7. Regular foot care by a podiatrist is important, otherwise, it can result in requiring amputation of toes or foot. Sometimes, it can also lead to sepsis. 
    8. Foot conditions like corns or bunions that are not going away on their own and are hindering your normal functioning. 
    9. Any foot injury resulting from sprains or fractures must be treated by a podiatrist. 

    A podiatrist in Mission Viejo, CA can physically examine your foot for signs of infections or underlying diseases, provide sterile wound care, perform diagnostic exams, and even perform surgeries based on your condition. Therefore, a visit to a foot doctor is very essential if you want to get moving to your normal daily life routine after recovering from a variety of debilitating foot conditions.