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For what reasons is cosmetic surgery appropriate?

    Year after year, the number of patients walking into plastic surgeons’ offices continues to increase. From simple facelifts to breast augmentation and Brazilian butt enlargement, many women look to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.

    But just like alcohol or a painkiller, cosmetic surgery is not always done for the right reasons. And when that happens, the patient may not be thrilled with the results for long. It’s just like using alcohol to drown your sorrow.

    So, what are appropriate reasons to have plastic surgery, and when is it a wrong choice?

    Appropriate reasons for cosmetic surgery

    1.  To promote physical comfort

    Not everybody goes for breast enhancement just to look more beautiful. Some people go to reduce the size of their busts.

    Over-sized breasts can be discomforting for women as sleeping, dressing, and running become inconvenient. Skin conditions such as rashes may also develop in the folds. Labiaplasty can help reduce overly large labia, and septoplasty may correct a deviated septum. These are all aimed at improving comfort for the individual.

    2.  To correct a deformity

    Many people are born with some deformity, while some develop it through accidents. For example, a rhinoplasty procedure may help to correct a poorly formed nose. Skin irregularities may also be corrected through cosmetic procedures. For instance, Dr. Few, board-certified plastic surgeon, has been fixing issues like nasal deformities and helping patients look and feel more attractive.

    3.  To boost confidence

    Typically, one cannot act their best in social gatherings if they believe something is wrong with their appearance. It could be overly large breasts, premature wrinkles, or loose neck skin. It may also be abdominal fat and loose skin after childbirth.

    A specific part of your body can be the dent in your otherwise perfect figure. If cosmetic surgery can correct it and make you feel more confident about your looks, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

    Inappropriate reasons to go for cosmetic surgery

    1.  To shed off fat

    If you’re considering getting plastic surgery to lose weight, you might want to reconsider. Physical exercises in combination with a weight loss diet are the best way to get rid of excess fat. It is natural with no side effects. And it will also boost your immune system and mental health in the process.

    On the other hand, liposuction and a tummy tuck are specifically for sculpting your body, not essentially losing weight. However, you may consider a tummy tuck if you’ve just delivered and need to address the excess fat and loose skin in your abdominal region.

    2.  To make someone like you

    Going under the knife to please your partner is one of the unhealthiest reasons for getting a cosmetic procedure. Firstly, it means you aren’t doing it for yourself (it’s your body; whatever you do to it should be what YOU want). Secondly, you might change partners at any time, and the new one might prefer the body type you just lost due to surgery.

    Changing your looks because of someone else’s perception of beauty isn’t ideal because everyone has varying beliefs. You won’t be with them forever. But you’ll be with you. So it should be about what you want.


    If you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure to look like Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian, it will help if you make a reassessment of your priorities. Plastic surgery can enhance your features, but it can’t make you look exactly like someone else. You’re you, so whatever figure you end up with will be a more refined version of you, and that’s worth striving for.