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Four Phenomenal Features of Experity EMR 

    Exploring Experity EMR Software 

    There are a range of features covered by the Experity EMR software, but here we are focusing on the most exclusive ones. We explored the demo of Experity EMR to come up with the valuable features that play a vital role in shaping clinical workflow. Appointment scheduling, patient portal, etc. are now standard features among EMR solutions, so we tried to enlist the differentiating features of Experity EMR. To find the details, stay with us.  

    Differentiating Features of Experity EMR 


    What’s the most common thing that has urologists wrapped up around their fingers? It’s the lab reports. Running tests to conduct proper diagnosis is the basis of urology practices. There’s no survival without getting timely access to the reports. Not even a few minutes delay in getting the lab results is acceptable because the patient lives hands on a thread. But it is not feasible for practitioners to conduct meaningful encounters and collect lab reports simultaneously. Is it? 

    Experity EMR software profoundly understands this critical situation and has come up with a solution for that. It hooks you up with radiologists digitally so you can reach out to them readily. There’s no need for in-person visits. Instead, you will have experienced radiologists by your side, ensuring effective patient diagnosis. This way, you can deliver faster yet accurate care in a manner of seconds. And this results in improved patient satisfaction.  

    It reduces the follow-up time and thus even minimizes the pressure on clinical staff. In addition, this over-read service serves as a way to help urologists gain confidence in their diagnosis. You will have an experienced radiologist on board to guide you through your flaws, resulting in more impactful treatment plans. They even perform quality assurance checks to cut down the probability of doubts, increasing the accuracy rate of diagnosis to 99.97%. 


    Consulting is a worth-praising service of Experity EMR software. This service was basically designed to empower startups by providing them with thorough guidance. It is not easy to draft a business plan. Yes, even if you are opening a clinic, you need an effective business strategy to generate potential returns. For sure, being a doctor, you are a service provider but don’t forget it’s your profession too.  

    You need a considerable sum of money to move in your practical life, and Experity EMR reviews show it dramatically helps in this regard. Start-ups praise this solution for it assists them in planning, opening, and executing a winning business strategy. It is something an inexperienced person can’t do on his own. So, you need an expert to hold your hands at this challenging time. And Experity being a reliable EMR, backs all medical practices.  

    The experts consider all points from site location to payers and regulatory compliance. You can rely on these services if you want to expand your footprint. Its connected solutions with real-time data insights will help you hit the ground. Leveraging massive data, the vendor runs customized algorithms and competitive analyses to predict growth rate and community perception based on your clinical location.  

    Resource Library 

    You might be wondering how a resource library can be of help to you. You will certainly have access to urology-specific templates, but it is not a differentiating feature. It is something you can discover in all specialized EMR solutions. But the urgent care resource library of Experity EMR goes beyond the template section and is elaborated in the demo. There are many exceptional functions included in this library.  

    To begin with, this library service is accustomed to analytic tools too. So, you have the chance to visit the volume trends in Urgent Care practices. This analysis is run on a quarterly basis and even highlights the revenue collection in the specified time frame. Adding to it, there are e-books that you can use to gain a comparative advantage. You can learn new ways to streamline your practice and to avoid common mistakes etc.  

    Besides e-books, there are case studies that present real-time client satisfaction stories. Reading these, you will get to know the real potential of the vendor. That’s not all; the reviews reveal that Experity EMR even shares blogs equipped with the latest industry insights to keep you updated on the industry trends. Lastly, there are webinars and videos you can use to train your staff so they can work more efficiently.  

    Patient Engagement 

    The last feature of our today’s list is patient engagement. The demo of Experity EMR shows that the engagement features offered by this healthcare system are unbeatable. This section covers tools and services that work on a higher level. The vendor knows how crucial it is to gain a client’s trust in medical practices, and thus, it features remarkable services to make it happen. Along with a dynamic patient portal, it features a series of other distinctive features.  

    Let’s start with its online registration service that saves providers and patients quality time. Patients don’t have to sit in the waiting rooms, and you can take in more patients per day. The patients can even fill in-take forms, filling in their demographics, medical history, and more, and these e-records are easily documented and stored, optimizing clinical practice. Also, Experity EMR assures a smooth integrated online scheduler to retain first-time patients.  

    Then there are detailed benchmarks set to record the satisfaction scores, online walk-ins, wait time, and ROIs. These insights will help you make informed decisions regarding your staffing structure. In addition, as the vendor highlights satisfaction scores, you have a chance of turning negative patient experiences into positive ones by modifying your clinical workflow. This way, you can enhance your clinical reputation for good.  

    Concluding Thoughts

    It won’t be an understatement to say that Experity EMR is an excellent solution for its affordable pricing. The system offers everything a urologist needs, and being one, you can rely on its credible services. Experity EMR looks into all the clinical aspects with keen insight, from patient engagement to clinical growth. You can read the Experity EMR reviews and also other Urgent care EMR list & reviews to learn what users feel about the quality of its features.