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Four Proven Strategies of Coping with Stress

    Stress is the behavioral and psychological response a person gives when they feel overwhelmed by life’s demands and lack confidence in their ability to meet those demands. The Harris Poll recently conducted a study dubbed “Stress in America,” where respondents blamed Covid 19 for heightened stress levels. Navigating life in a pandemic means constant risk assessment as our daily lives become upended and once trivial tasks become complicated. Dr. Travall Croom, DAC, a stress management in New York City guru who helps patients cope with the pressures of daily life. Below are effective stress management strategies:

    Quiet time

    Contemporary life is full of distractions from social media, browsing the internet, TV, radio, and all manner of noise-inducing gadgets. Living in a big metropolis like New York poses unique challenges as the city does not sleep due to a 24-hour economy. Get away from the noise, shut down your devices when you do not need them, and enjoy some peace. Sipping a cup of chamomile tea as you watch the sunset or at daybreak helps to keep you centered away from unnecessary stimuli.

    Proper nutrition and exercise

    A balanced and healthy diet is not a luxury for middle to upper-class folks. Examine the type of food you have for each meal and check with a nutritionist to see if your body is getting enough nutrients. They may recommend switching to healthier foods and cutting back on alcohol and smoking, for instance.

    Keeping your body active is the next step in fending off stress. Depending on your work schedule, you can join a running club and get your workout done at dawn or dusk. Swimming is another exercise to get those endorphins going and elevate your mood for the day. Consider joining a gym, hiking on weekends, cycling, or signing up for a yoga class.

    Time management

    When it comes to juggling work responsibilities, you can feel overwhelmed if your time management skills are wanting. Are you able to complete all tasks within the official work schedule? If you often find yourself scrambling to get things done last minute, evaluate how you spend your business hours. There are many tools to keep track of your to-do list, or you can go the old-fashioned way and write it down. Getting organized helps you prioritize important tasks leaving you feeling accomplished and proud.

    Quality sleep

    No matter how hectic work and domestic life gets, you cannot underestimate the benefits of getting some solid shut-eye every night. Making time for sleep and honoring it does not mean you are unproductive or ambitious enough. Sleeping well is vital for recharging and dealing with stressful situations that may affect your mood during the day. Doctors recommend getting at least eight hours of sleep per day. 

    None of the above strategies is a magic pill for stress; you need to evaluate your life and do a complete overhaul in the areas you have neglected. Do not be afraid to set healthy boundaries between your friends, colleagues, and family members for the benefit of everyone.