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Four Treatment Options You Should Consider If You Suffer from Addiction

    Having an addiction doesn’t mean you are weak and have no willpower. It simply means your brain has undergone deep learning towards a substance or behavior, so much so that it causes intense cravings and compulsions. 

    The road to recovery can be very difficult for some people. But having the right support and treatment will make the process a little bit easier to manage. 

    Here are four treatment options that you can add to your life to help overcome your addiction, or at least kick it to the curb. 

    1. Change of Environment

    If you suffer from an addiction, you may need to consider changing your environment. Change where you go to relax and have fun. Change your routine and, if need be, change the friends and peers you associate yourself with when indulging in drugs and addictive behaviors. Your environment can help you to either build or break your addiction. 

    It’s best to move to a place or community that supports recovery and doesn’t trigger the addiction. A structured housing program, like Sober Living Los Angeles, can connect you to members that will walk with you throughout your recovery process. 

    2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (widely known as CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that focuses on the thought process behind the development of emotion and behavior. 

    In the context of addiction, CBT can help you identify the situations or thoughts that drove you to alcohol, drug use or indulgence in addictive behavior. Maybe it was a trauma, or it could be your family has a history of addictions. 

    Whatever the situation, CBT can change your way of thinking, so you don’t resort to the addiction when these stressors come back. Through CBT, you get to learn a few coping skills for the days when all you want is a quick puff, sip or hit. 

    3. Find Healthy Alternatives and Distractions

    When recovering from an addiction, you need to ensure you set yourself up for success. Find healthy alternatives and distractions to keep your mind off of the cravings. There are many skills and activities that you can choose. It all depends on your passions and interests. 

    You can practice a skill, join an art school, go for hikes, play a sport, or do other outdoor activities. And whenever you are alone in the house, distract yourself by watching a movie, listening to music, writing or playing a game. 

    4. Get Support

    Addictions thrive in secrecy. That moment when you are alone, with nobody watching or following you, is when you are most likely to indulge in your addictive behavior. Talk to someone you trust and ask them to help you in your recovery process

    In those days when it gets difficult or when you relapse, you will be glad that you have a friend or two to help make the process a little bit more bearable. 

    Closing Remarks

    Recovering from an addiction is never a walk in the park. The first step towards successful recovery is to recognize that you have an addiction, then try to break out of it. 

    And hopefully the treatment options highlighted above will help you through your recovery journey.