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Four Ways To Prevent Herpes Outbreaks And Cure Symptoms

    Herpes or HSV is a type of a sexually transmitted disease that can affect anyone who is sexually active, or who engages with sexual activities, may it be with penetration or oral.

    This is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, simply because HSV is not curable, or no permanent cure has been discovered for herpes yet for this, but there are treatments and medications that can be used, in order to prevent frequent herpes outbreaks.

    Herpes type I outbreaks involve the following symptoms:

    Red sores around the vaginal area Itching Pain Burning sensationAll of the above can also be felt around the anal areaBlisters that cracks during outbreaks and dries out afterDifficulties in urinatingSevere headacheFatigueFeverInflamed lymph nodesBody pain (particularly the back region)

    These are just some of the many symptoms that one may experience, during herpes outbreaks. However, it is also important to know that some people may not show any symptoms at all, and outbreaks can happen at any time of his/her life. This is because the virus living inside you can stay inactive, and will only show the signs, once triggered.The Herpes virus stays inside your body and lives there forever. As of now, no cure has been discovered, so if you know that you have been affected by the virus, start looking for ways that you can do, in order to prevent the virus from activating, which will start the outbreaks.

    Here are some of the ways that you can do, in order to prevent herpes type I outbreaks:

    Eat right and live a healthy lifestyle – obviously, you will have to make changes in your diet, like cutting down on foods high in acid (like junk foods), which are known to trigger the virus and cause herpes outbreaks. Also, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle will help boost your immune system, which is good to fight the bacteria living inside of you, and prevent them from activating.
    Take Oral Antivirals – depending on your case, your doctor will prescribe you with oral antivirals that will fight the bacteria and virus causing herpes, and stop it from creating outbreaks.

    Use topical creams or ointments – whenever you are feeling itchy down there and at the same time experiencing the tingling feeling, do not scratch your sores. Instead, apply creams or ointment formulated for herpes, to prevent further infection.
    Sleep & Rest Well – we understand that having herpes can be depressing, and most of the time, people who have herpes feels restless and loses self confidence. Do not let those emotions eat you. Instead, help yourself to gain strength and energy, so you will have the courage to find possible treatments for your case.

    These are the different ways that you can do, in order to prevent herpes outbreaks. Speak with your doctor now, to learn more of them.